Pumperdink is a small feudal kingdom located in a remote corner of the Gillikin Country. It is ruled by King Pompus, father of the crown prince Pompadore. Pumperdink is best known as the home of Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant.

The legal system of Pumperdink is primitive. Individuals who displease the king, even on the most capricious grounds, are sentenced to be "dipped" in a large stone well. (Kabumpo in Oz)


The name Pumperdink appears to derive from Humperdinck — as in Engelbert Humperdinck, the German composer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (For other name derivations, see: Tititi-Hoochoo.)


Pumperdink is mentioned by Scarecrow Jr. in The Oz Kids episode, The Monkey Prince.

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