The prison is a pretty house located in the Emerald City, and is the only prison is all the Land of Oz. The jailer's name is Tollydiggle.


The house is located beside the city wall in a quiet, retired place. It is neatly painted with many windows, and has a garden filled with blooming flowers. A gravel path leads to the front door.

The main room is large and circular, with a domed roof of colored glass worked into beautiful designs. The walls are paneled with plates of gold decorated with gems of great size and many colors. There are many windows and they have no locks. Three doors exit the main room and none are bolted. The tiled floor has soft rugs delightful to walk upon. The furniture (easy chairs, divans, and stools) is framed in gold and upholstered in satin brocade. There are several tables with mirror tops, cabinets filled with rare and curious things, a well-stocked bookcase, and a cupboard full of games. An electric chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

Prisoners wear a long white robe that covers their entire body to keep them from embarassment. It has a peaked top and two holes for eyes. They also wear diamond-studded handcuffs.

A prisoner is treated kindly because he is considered unfortunte, first for having done something wrong and second for being deprived of liberty. Princess Ozma assumes that a person commits a fault because he is not strong and brave; the prison system is intended to make him strong and brave enough to resist doing wrong. Since the people of Oz want to be respected as highly as their neighbors, the knowledge that one has done wrong is punishment enough.


Ojo the Unlucky is the only person ever to be housed in the Oz Prison. (The Patchwork Girl of Oz)

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