Princess Langwidere (The Witches of Oz)
Langwidere TWOZ
Princess Langwidere.
Title Princess
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin Oz
Residence Oz (formerly)
Affiliation The Wicked Witch of the West
Nome King
First Appearance Dorothy and the Witches of Oz

Princess Langwidere is one of the antagonists of The Witches of Oz. She is portrayed by Mia Sara, Sasha Jackson (as Ilsa Lang), Jessica Sonneborn (as Ev), and Elizabeth Masucci (as Jennifer).

She is very similar to her counterpart in the books, except that here she has truly malevolent intentions whereas in the books she's simply selfish and misguided.


She first appears when she's fixing up the head of Ev Locast so she can add it to her collection. She appears various other times during the film. As Ev, She tries to kill Bryan but her head is knocked off and she finds a new one.In the end and fights with Glinda who defeats her.


  • Each of her heads have a different personality
    • Ilsa Lang is a bit of an airhead and a diva, outright asking Dorothy where the key is.
    • Ev Locast is the more serious and wicked of the three heads. She is also present during the scenes when some of the characters are captured and even has her own henchman Simon, although he was Ilsa's too.
    • Jennifer Mombi appears to be the most fun and bubbly of the three. She has a grin on her face the whole time and even jumps up and down screaming yes while clapping after Glinda's defeat. Her death is also rather comedic compared to Ev.
  • Each of her heads reference a character in the Oz books.

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