Pon was the gardener's boy in the kingdom of Jinxland in the Land of Oz.


Pon has brown, curly hair.

As the gardener's boy, Pon wore a long, brown smock with sandals. He lived alone in a small cottage set away from the road but within sight of it.


Pon's father, Phearse was once king of Jinxland, but he was deposed by his prime minister, Krewl. When Pon grew up he became a gardener.

Princess Gloria fell in love with Pon, the humble gardener, and he politely returned her love. But their romance was forbidden by King Krewl, who wanted Gloria to marry a rich courtier named Googly-Goo. The witch Blinkie froze Gloria's heart, and she could no longer love Pon (or anyone else), but the Scarecrow came and reversed the enchantment.

King Krewl was deposed and Gloria was made queen. She chose Pon as her consort and the two ruled Jinxland together. (The Scarecrow of Oz)

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