The Isle of Phreex is an island in the Nonestic Ocean with a broad, sandy beach, green meadows, and mountains. It is southwest of the island of Pingaree.

It is ruled by a Kinglet who lives in a three-story palace. The people pride themselves in having a greater variety of queer personages than any other kingdom in existence. The island is terrorized by a one-wheeled automobile which careens around knocking people over.


John Dough landed on the Isle of Phreex after escaping America. He met several residents and was taken by the Brotherhood of Failings to meet the Kinglet. Ali Dubh followed the Gingerbread Man to the island, but was captured and imprisoned before he could eat him. Trying to evade Ali Dubh, John Dough left the island aboard Imar's flying machine with Chick the Cherub. Ali Dubh left the island soon after. (John Dough and the Cherub)

Notable Residents of Phreex

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