Phoebe Daring: A Story for Young Folk is a 1912 juvenile novel by by L. Frank Baum. It was illustrated by Joseph Pierre Nuyttens, and was a sequel to a Baum book of the previous year, The Daring Twins.

The two Daring Twins books were unusual among Baum's juveniles, in that they were published under the author's name; normally, his non-fantasy books for young readers were issued under one of his many pseudonyms.

The extant evidence shows that Baum had further fictional plans for the Daring family, beyond the two books that were published. Indeed, his surviving correspondence shows that Baum was thinking of a long series of books involving Phil and Phoebe Daring's younger siblings, and then a second generation of Darings. Among the papers and records left after his 1919 death was a file labelled with the title Phoebe Daring, Conspirator. Baum's letters to his publisher Reilly & Britton mention another title, variously Phil Daring's Experiment or The Daring Twins' Experiment. Nothing of these two books has survived, as far as is now known.

Apparently, limited sales of the first two Daring Twins titles failed to justify the series' continuation.

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