Peter Schulenburg is a contemporary writer and illustrator who has produced works on the Land of Oz.

Books that Schulenburg has both written and illustrated include:

  • The Tin Castle of Oz (1996)
  • The Corn Mansion of Oz (1998)
  • The Magic Bowls of Oz (1999) — co-written with Atticus Gannaway.

Schulenburg has also written The Unwinged Monkey of Oz (2001) and The Emerald Enchantress of Oz (2003), illustrated by Dave Quandt and Matt Collander respectively.

Schulenburg's first two books concern the unusual homes of the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.

Schulenburg has written other, non-Oz fantasy works, plus three poetry books (Inside Our Fridge,"I'm Gonna Raise a Ruckus", and "I am a Pie Rat") and song lyrics. He also served as a convention chairman for The International Wizard of Oz Club in 2002.

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