Peg Amy
Peg amy
Title Princess of Sun Top Mountain
Species Human
Wooden Doll (Temorarily)
Residence Sun Top Mountain, Winkie Country, Land of Oz
First Appearance Kabumpo in Oz

Peg Amy was Trot's wooden doll, who was stolen by Ruggedo to be his only subject. Ruggedo was cruel to Peg Amy, shaking her violently whenever he was upset.

Wag felt sorry for Peg Amy – and when he fled Ruggedo's service, he took her with him. She grew to human size with Glegg's Instantaneous Expanding Extract, and then was animated by Reanimating Rays. Wag and Peg Amy met up with Pompadore and Kabumpo, and during their adventures, they learned that she is really the Princess of Sun Top Mountain, under an enchantment. She returned to human form and married Prince Pompa, and they rule Sun Top Mountain together. (Kabumpo in Oz)

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