Oz: Dark and Terrible is a roleplaying game loosely based upon the Land of Oz created by L. Frank Baum. It is published by Emerald City Expeditions, LLC, which has its web site at The RPG features various races you can play, including humans, capital-A Animals, mechanical robots called Automatons, and magical creatures made of cloth, wood, or stone powered by a human soul called Anidums.

Humans within the Land of Oz include foreigners from Earth called Outsiders, the residents of the Emerald City called Ozmites, Gillikins resembling Germans and Italians, Munchkins culturally similar to Chinese, Quadlings resembling black African tribes, and Winkies who resemble Mesoamericans like Aztecs and Mayans.

In this version of Oz created by the roleplaying game, Ozma was a member of an Oz race called an Edel Feen, but she later died of old age on Earth.

This version of the Land of Oz has not one, but five Yellow Brick Roads.

Tin Men in this RPG are a secret police orcs within the Emerald City who are fitted with metal and mechanical prosthetics, and have their hearts removed in order for them to be ruthless.

The Wizard of Oz in this version of Oz inaugurated a Steam Age and Industrial Revolution within both the Emerald City and to a lesser extent across the Land of Oz, and eventually had his brain placed within a mechanical body. He became a coldly ruthless dictator.

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