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"Oz" is the official traditional name or title of the ruler of the magical Land of Oz, the feminine form being "Ozma"--like the child Queen named Princess Ozma. The word alone means "Great & Good" in the language of the Ozians.

Known "Oz"s[]

  • The Fairy Queen
  • Ozapilidos
  • Ozma's father
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Scarecrow
  • General Jinjur
  • Ozma of Oz
  • The Nome King

Minor "Oz"s[]

Winkie Rulers[]

  • The Tin Woodman of Oz

Munchkin Rulers[]

  • The Mayor of the Munchkin City
  • The Wicked Witch of the East
  • Glinda the Good
  • Dorothy Gale
  • The Mayor of the Munchkin City
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Oz's official logo

  • At various times throughout history, Oz has also been used as a word in reference to the Wizard, the Land of Oz itself, or anything having to do with Oz in general.