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OUAT Witch Title Card

Series title card from "Witch Hunt", featuring the Wicked Witch on her broomstick.


Still from a promotional video for the second half of the show's third season, featuring the Wicked Witch of the West walking into Storybrook, turning the road into the Yellow Brick Road as she goes.

Once Upon a Time is a fairy tale drama TV series that ran on ABC from 2011-2018. The plot features elements of various fairy tale & fantasy universes. The series featured several Oz cameos and mentions but no full inclusion in the story until the second half of Season 3, in which the Wicked Witch of the West was added as a new villain and her Winged Monkeys also appeared.

The series has also produced a one-season spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which is based on Alice in Wonderland and which features very few, if any, Oz references.

Oz Appearances and References[]

The following episodes contain either plots concerning Oz, references made about Oz, and/or appearances of Oz-related elements.

Season 1[]


Oz in Henry's book

Dorothy and Flying Monkeys, as seen in Henry's book.

The Evil Queen Regina's adopted son, the little boy Henry, has a storybook which has the fairy tale histories of all the residents of Storybrooke inside. On one page, an illustration of Winged Monkeys is seen.

Hat Trick[]

Ouat oz cameo

In this Alice in Wonderland-themed episode, the Mad Hatter brings the Evil Queen with him to Wonderland. On the way, they pass through a room with doorways to many different worlds. One of the doors is green and bears the symbol of Oz.

Season 2[]

The Doctor[]

Mulan makes Ground Poppy Dust. The Ruby Slippers are also mentioned.



Emma Swan uses Poppy Dust on a giant.

Emma Swan, the show's protagonist, was given Ground Poppy Dust by Mulan to use against the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. It was able to immediately put him to sleep. Mulan said she had to go to another kingdom to get the poppies.

Season 3 - First Half[]

Quite a Common Fairy[]

Neal mentions Ruby Slippers as a portal to another world. Also, later in the episode, Regina suspects that Tinker Bell has put her to sleep using Poppies.

Dark Hollow[]

Regina mentions the Munchkins.

Season 3 - Second Half[]

The second half of the third season marked the first full inclusion of Oz in the show's story. The Wicked Witch of the West was introduced as the main antagonist, the Wizard of Oz as an occasional recurring character, and Glinda is set to appear. The Land of Oz itself was also seen.


New York City Serenade[]


Walsh, in human form.

Flying Monkey Once

A Winged Monkey.

Emma is dating a man named Walsh, who proposes marriage to her, a decision she gives some serious thought to. When Hook restores her memories, Emma tells Walsh that she can't marry him - and he attacks her, in the process revealing his true form. He is a Winged Monkey.

In flashback scenes from one year prior, Regina is attacked by a Winged Monkey, who scratches her, before being driven off by Robin Hood.


The Wicked Witch.

The characters later learn that someone has placed a protection spell over Regina's former castle, and is presumably residing there. This enrages Regina, who vows to return.

The same monkey who scratched Regina later returns to his master, a Green-skinned witch, apparently the new resident of Regina's castle, and tells her of his struggle. She takes the drop of blood from him and puts it into a vial.

In the present, Emma finds out that someone has placed a new curse, restoring Storybrooke but erasing the previous year in the Enchanted Forest from the residents' minds. That someone is presumably the same witch.

Witch Hunt[]

Zelena and Regina

Regina meets Zelena, the Wicked Witch, her sister.

In flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest one year ago, another Winged Monkey attacks the party, seemingly heading for Robin Hood's young son, but Regina uses her magic to transform it into a stuffed animal, which she then gives to the boy.

The party discusses the origin of the creatures, and Belle says she's read about them and that there's only one place they can be found -- the Land of Oz. They subsequently conclude that the new occupant of Regina's castle must be the Wicked Witch.

Grumpy asks whether the witch in question is the Witch of the West or of the East. Regina responds that it does not matter.

When Regina plans to break into the castle on her own, objections are raised that the Witch might have protection. Regina sardonically responds that she doesn't care even if the Witch is guarded by the whole Lollipop Guild.

When Regina meets the Witch, the Witch introduces herself as Zelena and reveals that she and Regina are half-sisters, their mother being Cora (the miller's daughter from Rumpelstiltskin and eventual Queen of Hearts), who had Zelena first but gave her up to marry Regina's father Prince Henry. The Wicked Witch then flies away on her Broomstick.

Zelena Storybrooke

Zelena, as she appears in Storybrooke.

In the present day, in Storybrooke, citizens have been disappearing, and it is soon revealed that they have been attacked by Winged Monkeys. When this happens, the victims themselves turn into Winged Monkeys after being wounded.

The Wicked Witch is not green in Storybrooke, though she wears a green jewel. She befriends Mary Margaret and offers baby advice.

Upon realizing that the Winged Monkeys are from Oz, an incredulous Emma realizes that the perpetrator must be the Wicked Witch of the West. However, no one in town has memories of the previous year they spent in the Enchanted Forest, and so no one knows that Zelena is responsible for everything.

The Tower[]

Zelena continues her plans in Storybrooke, earning David's trust and tricking him into drinking a potion that will make his fears real. She reveals more about her history, talking to Rumplestiltskin about her father's drunkenness. Apparently he always insisted on maintaining appearances, which Zelena emphasizes as she shaves Rumple.

When David conquers his fears, Zelena steals his sword, which is a "totem" of his Courage according to Regina.

Quiet Minds[]

One year ago in the Enchanted Forest, the Wicked Witch has entrapped Lumiere in the form of a candelabra, which she uses to trick Belle and Neal into restoring Rumplestiltskin to life.

In the present, she continues her plans in Storybrooke, until Rumplestiltskin escapes. She orders one of her Flying Monkeys to find him, but Emma finds him first and he reveals that Zelena is the Wicked Witch.

It's Not Easy Being Green[]

OUAT flame wizard title

The title card for "It's Not Easy Being Green", featuring the flames before the Wizard of Oz.


Zelena visits the Wizard of Oz.

SilverSlippers OUAT

The Silver Slippers.


Zelena threatens Walsh.

Many years ago, in the Land of Oz, a magical Cyclone appears and drops off a baby girl. A couple finds the baby and adopts her, calling her Zelena. Even in babyhood they notice her powerful magical talent. The father, even then, is afraid of her magical power. 

Emerald City OUAT

The Emerald City and the Yellow Brick Road.

When Zelena has grown to adulthood, her adoptive father chastises her for her inability to control her magic powers as she helps him shave, he reveals to her that she was found in the forest and is not their natural daughter. He also makes it apparent that she's always been trouble for him. Zelena is shocked and storms out, saying she'll trouble him no further. She's going to see the Wizard of Oz.

Zelena journeys to the Emerald City, where she passes two Winkie guards to see the Wizard. The Wizard's throne room has a giant "Oz" logo on the door and curtains. When Zelena approaches, four flames erupt from the pedestal before him.

The Wizard shows Zelena her true mother, Cora, and sister, Regina. He also shows her Rumplestiltskin, a powerful wizard from another world, who can teach her to use magic, and he gives her the Silver Shoes which can transport Zelena anywhere she wants to go when the heels are clicked three times.

When Zelena meets and begins studying with Rumplestiltskin, he at first hopes to have her cast the curse for him, but Regina ultimately gets the job because the thing Zelena loves most is Rumplestiltskin, which she would have to sacrifice in order to cast the curse. Zelena still attempts to get on Rumpel's good graces, by claiming that she could still get him what he wants, even without the curse, only for Rumpel to state that unless she could find a way to send him to a land without Magic then it is unlikely, She then showed her the Silver Slippers, upon which Rumpel attempts to take back everything he said, but Zelena would not be dissuaded, so he attempted to take the slippers by force, forcing Zelena to leave. Zelena. Zelena's jealousy and anger at Regina has begun to turn her skin green.

When Zelena returns to Oz with her Silver Shoes, she casts the Winkie soldiers aside with her magic and confronts the Wizard, demanding to be able to change the past. The Wizard says this is impossible, and in anger, she magically pulls his curtain aside -- revealing that he is an ordinary circus performer from Kansas named Walsh.

Seeing a circus poster of a Winged Monkey behind Walsh, Zelena turns him into one -- a mindless, obedient servant for her.

In the present, Zelena challenges Regina to a duel. When Regina objects that this isn't the wild west, Zelena responds that it is the "Wicked West". (This is probably not an actual reference to the "Wicked West" comics, but a coincidence).

When Zelena wins the duel, she tries to take Regina's heart, but Regina has already removed it, and so the Wicked Witch retreats on her Broomstick.

The Jolly Roger[]

Zelena impersonates Ariel, the Little Mermaid, and tricks Hook into revealing his love interest to her - Emma. Zelena then enchants his lips so that if he kisses Emma, she'll lose her magical powers. And if he refuses to comply, she'll kill everyone Emma loves. 

Bleeding Through[]

Zelena appears in Regina's house to gloat about stealing her heart. While there, she gives Regina a bowl of green apples. (In Oz the Great and Powerful, Evanora gives Theodora a magical green apple which transforms her into the Wicked Witch of the West).

Zelena reveals her plan to Rumplestiltskin - she intends to use Charming's Courage, Regina's Heart, Rumplestiltskin's Brains, and Snow White's baby to travel back through time, in order to change the course of her life.

A Curious Thing[]

Glinda OUAT


In the Enchanted Forest during the missing year, the Charming family finds out that the only way to defeat Zelena is with the help of the Good Witch of the South, Glinda. They also find out that Glinda was forced to relocate to the north of the Enchanted Forest (Perhaps a reference to Glinda being the Good Witch of the North in the 1939 film).


They encounter Glinda hidden behind a portal which only the pure of heart can pass through. She reveals that, before she was banished from Oz, she and Zelena were good friends. She gave Zelena the green pendant she wears, to help control her magic.



The four protectors of Oz, at the Heart of Oz.

In the present, Zelena moves to take Snow White's baby, to finish her spell. In the past in Oz, meanwhile, Zelena has just transformed the Wizard of Oz into a Flying Monkey when Glinda appears. Glinda is not upset at the Wizard's transformation, saying he was tricking the people of Oz, giving them false hope. She says some time as Zelena's pet will do him good.

Dorothy OUAT 2

Dorothy Gale.

Glinda invites Zelena to join their sisterhood of witches, and become the Witch of the West, representing innocence. Zelena objects that she's become wicked and is definitely not innocent, but Glinda says that innocence reclaimed can be the strongest kind. Glinda brings Zelena to the Heart of Oz, a table where the four witches meet, and invites her to fill the empty seat. There, she introduces Zelena to the witches of the North and East.

Glinda, who is the keeper of the Book of Records, reveals that a prophecy in the book states that a sorceress from the West, having come to Oz by cyclone, will fill the fourth seat at the table.

Dorothy OUAT

Glinda helps Dorothy out of her crashed house.

When Glinda shows Zelena the land she is to rule -- the west -- a new cyclone shows up, and a house crash lands nearby. Zelena and Glinda find a survivor inside, a little girl who introduces herself as Dorothy Gale from Kansas. Glinda tells Dorothy that she is a special girl to have survived such a crash, and brings her to meet the other witches. Zelena is immediately jealous of Dorothy, who she realizes may be the true fulfillment of the prophecy.

Zelena Well

Zelena, at the well, with the Book of Records.

While the other three witches talk with Dorothy and share cookies with her, Zelena secretly watches in jealousy and contempt. Glinda soon finds Zelena by the nearby well, where Zelena has been reading the Book of Records. Apparently the full prophecy states that the sorceress from the west will unseat the greatest evil Oz has ever seen. Zelena interprets this to mean that Dorothy is that sorceress, and Zelena is the greatest evil. Glinda cautions her that she makes her own destiny, and that no one knows what the prophecy truly means.

But Zelena can't be comforted, and, donning black clothing and a black hat, she confronts Dorothy and prepares to use a fireball on her. Panicking, the confused Dorothy throws a bucket of water at Zelena, causing her to start melting.


Zelena, melted.

Dorothy calls for Glinda, who says that Dorothy must be destined for the fourth seat after all. Dorothy thanks her but says she just wants to go home. Glinda takes Dorothy along the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz.

When they arrive, the Wizard gives Dorothy a pair of Silver Shoes and tells her to tap them together three times to get back to Kansas. Dorothy does, and disappears.

Zelena then reveals herself as the Wizard, having survived the pail of water after all. Glinda says she will find someone capable of stopping Zelena, but Zelena banishes her to the Enchanted Forest.

In the present, Zelena has gathered four ingredients, representing Courage, Heart, Brains, and Innocence. She begins to cast her spell, but is confronted and defeated by Regina, who has learned to use light magic. Later, she is killed by Rumplestiltskin, to avenge the death of his son.

There's No Place Like Home[]

Besides mentions of Zelena, this episode is only thematically related to Oz -- as evidenced by its title, which is Dorothy's line upon returning to Kansas in The Wizard of Oz. The episode has the main character, Emma, thrust into a foreign place -- the Enchanted Forest, in the past, which makes her realize Storybrooke really is her home, after initially intending to move back to Manhattan. This is similar to Dorothy realizing her home is in Kansas after trying to run away in the beginning of the movie.

Season Four[]

Six Leaf Clover OUAT

The Six-leaved clover.

Heart of Gold[]

In the past, Rumplestiltskin sends Robin Hood to Oz, on a quest to find and steal a magical potion. He returns to the Emerald City and manages to steal the potion and a Six-leaved Clover before encountering Zelena and barely escaping.

In Storybrooke in the present, it's revealed that Zelena's still alive and using a six-leaved clover to disguise herself as Marian, Robin Hood's wife, whom she has killed.


Zelena, along with her clover, appears again and Regina confronts her.

Season Five[]

Note: With shifting times and locations being shown starting with Our Decay, they are distinguished with bold titles: Past Oz, Near Present Oz, Present Oz, Storybrooke, Underworld, and Enchanted Forest. More titles will be added if they occur in the series.

The Dark Swan[]

As Emma is transported somewhere else, only the Apprentice's wand can take them to her. However, none of them are powerful enough to use it, except for Zelena who is locked up. Since Regina doesn't trust her, Hook and Henry secretly get her the wand, but as expected, she escapes. She is confronted while trying to create a magic tornado portal back to Oz so she might rule again, but Regina and others take it away from her as they re-route the tornado to the Enchanted Forest where Emma is. The green tornado picks up Granny's Diner with Snow, Charming, the dwarfs, and everyone else in it as it lands in the forest.

Swan Song[]

Regina brings Zelena to clock tower and knock her out of the glass and will flies into a tornado sending her back to Oz as Regina says that Zelena is going "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

The Brother Jones[]

At the end of this episode, Hades who is the god of the Underworld picks up a page ripped out of an alternate version of the storybook by Hook's brother Liam who threw it into a well. He did this because Hades would have revealed his secret that he left his fellow crewmen to die in a terrible storm to obtain a valuable gemstone. This page in particular shows Hades and Zelena together, possibly referring to a romance.

Our Decay[]

Past Oz: The opening scene takes place "many years ago in Oz" as Zelena places a green frosted cupcake in front of the magic mirror to watch her mother Cora leave her onto the road as a baby. With her plan to create a time travel spell to get revenge on her mother Cora and sister Regina, she first needed a symbol of wisdom, so she had a flying monkey grab the Scarecrow so she could take his brain. Just as she tried to cast the spell, a much older Dorothy burst into the throne room to stop her. It is explained that she was able to come back using the Silver Slippers after being contacted by the Munchkins who made her aware about Zelena's takeover of Oz though Zelena thought they could be used for "only a one-way trip". Toto climbs out of Dorothy's scatchel and pulls onto a curtain chain that has a big curtain drop onto Zelena as Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Toto escape (a reference to the 1939 film).

Storybrooke: Zelena once again shapeshifts as someone else and this time she pretends to be Mother Superior/Blue Fairy in order to get into the nursery where her and Robin Hood's baby is. The real Mother Superior comes into the room and Zelena reveals herself as she plans to take the baby. Unbeknownst to her, Hades in the Underworld orders Rumple to get him her baby for an unknown reason because he is willing to rip a contract which would allow him to get Rumple's yet to be born 2nd child. As she grabs "Baby Hood", Belle and Mother Superior holding her wand tell her to put the child back into the crib. Just as this is happening, Rumple casts a portal from the Underworld to Storybrooke which causes an earthquake there in the nursery. This causes confusion as Belle thinks Zelena made it happen, but she exclaims that she wasn't doing it. Belle takes the baby away and jumps into the portal while Zelena jumps after them as it takes them to outside of the alternate monastery. Zelena who is slightly injured tells Belle they are in the Underworld and that Hades must want her baby. Belle still holding the child runs off as Zelena pleads for the baby to be handed back to her.

Past Oz: Zelena interrogates the Munchkins and questions them where she can find the Scarecrow. One of them (Boq) says that they don't know and Zelena in anger turns him into ash as to scare the others. Just then Hades appears as he introduces himself by flaming his hair blue which scares the munchkins who run to hide. He has come because he is impressed with all the people she has brought to the Underworld including a "headless guard" and that he wants to help her "achieve the unachievable" which is time travel. However even after he offers to help her defeat Dorothy, she declines the offer and disappears in a cloud of green smoke. 

Underworld: Zelena knocks on the door of the alternate apartment where Snow, Charming, Robin, Regina, Emma, Hook, and Henry are staying at. Regina's first reaction is that someone "finally did her in" thinking that she must have died while in Oz which Zelena disputes and tells them that her baby and Belle also came in the portal.

Past Oz: Zelena returns to the throne room to find Hades holding her cupcake that she didn't eat yet. As he questions if it was her birthday, she tells him that she doesn't know the date and that she only when her mother abandoned her. He urges that he can help her as she compares her sister Cora to his brother Zeus. He convinces her that he can find the Scarecrow and reveals that his time travel plan is to take the high throne of Mount Olympus instead of Zeus.

Underworld: Robin sets off with Zelena and Regina to find Belle and the baby who is wondering down one of the streets who walks into the alternate library. Suddenly the elevator springs to life and Rumple walks out as she comes over to see him and explains about the portal which Rumple explains broke the spell. He explains to her how the original contract to their 2nd child was made with a medicine man to save their first child Balefire/Neal from a deadly sickness and then the man handed it over to Hades after he died.

Searching in the woods, Zelena questions what he named that baby and wonders if he named it Marian after his first wife along with the person she shape shifted into for him to get her pregnant but he hasn't named it yet.

Past Oz: Hades takes Zelena to Dorothy's old farmhouse and takes bicycle which he claims can help them find the Scarecrow but they first ride it romantically (this may be a reference to the bike Miss Gulch rode) as he explains it belonged to Dorothy and can take them right to her and the Scarecrow.

Underworld: Robin finds Belle and takes the baby into his arms. Zelena convinces him to let her feed their baby with a bottle of milk. As Robin asks to have it back, Zelena uses a spark of magic to push them away as she runs off with it. Noticing that she accidentally left a scratch on her baby with the magic blast, she cries.

Past Oz: Zelena and Hades ride to where Dorothy is tending to a fire near a cottage. They see the Scarecrow walk out of the cottage and sit near the fire as Zelena walks over. The Scarecrow is scared while Dorothy pulls out a sword, but Zelena freezes her in place with magic and steals the Scarecrow's brain by reaching into his straw head. Zelena acknowledges that she doesn't want to kill Dorothy since the people of Oz will know that while alive, she is unable to protect them against Zelena's magic. She walks back to the bike but Hades is gone.

Underworld: Zelena hides with the baby in her alternate farmhouse as Robin, Regina, and Belle come. Giving up, Zelena walks out of the house and acknowledges that she can't protect her baby as Robin begs for her to tell what happened with her and Hades. Zelena explains that he wants to use the baby to cast the time travel spell as a symbol of innocence. She hands the baby to Robin and runs back into the farmhouse to cry.

At the apartment, Robin says that is good that the baby is unnamed yet so Hades can't magically trap it in the Underworld.

Past Oz: Zelena returns to the throne room where Hades has set up a dinner table for them. Hades then confesses his love for her which he "hasn't felt for eons". She expects that love will get him out of the Underworld and doesn't want him to be able to use the spell. However he  does have real feelings for her but she feels that none can love her as she tells him to go back to "his brimstone" and that she doesn't want to see him again. He tells her that she will regret this and leaves in a blue fire.

Underworld: Zelena and Hades meet up in the middle of the road as he claims that he was looking for her. He claims that actually he wasn't planning to use the baby for a time travel spell, but to retrieve it for her and reveals that he crafted the alternate Storybrooke for her. Even though the Underworld leads it to be imperfect with some destructive decay, he proclaims to her it is "Our Decay". She is overwhelmed by this and can't trust him yet as though he to get the baby back, she wants to do it by herself. Before she goes, he reveals that her birthday is April 15th and suggests he will wait for her if she changes her mind about not needing his help as he disappears in blue fire ending the episode.

Her Handsome Hero[]

Trying to connect with Zelena to figure out a way to defeat Hades, Regina meets with her and suggests that they can be real sisters for once. Upon being asked what Hades' weakness is, Zelena states that as far that she knows, she is his only weakness. 

Near the end of the episode, a silver platter is handed to Zelena and when she opens it, there is a dried up flower from Hades that smells of hopelessness. In the woods searching for a monster in Emma's vision, they come upon a wolf who is actually Ruby who ended up there somehow after an adventure in Oz.

Ruby Slippers[]

In this episode named for the iconic shoes, the character Ruby/Red is still unconscious and the only clue to where she has been is a piece of blue checkered fabric. 

Near Present Oz: Mulan and Ruby had been traveling together looking for werewolves who might be related to Ruby in other worlds. When asked by Mulan about the land they are in, Ruby mentions that all she knows is from the movie and the book. They threatened by a growling noise which only turns out to be Toto wondering in the woods. Ruby knows who the dog is and as she tries to reach down to pick him up, they are suddenly confronted by Dorothy. She tells them that Ruby shouldn't do that since Toto only barks when he sniffs magic in a witch, but however Ruby explains that she is magically part wolf and there is nothing to be scared of. Trying again to pick him up, Toto runs away in fear as Dorothy goes after him. Mulan offers for her and Ruby to help find Toto but Dorothy in spite says that they have done enough. Ruby however proves that she quote is helpful since she has the wolf-like ability of a strong sense of smell. As she begins to lead them down the path, a big large green tornado appears and Dorothy realizes that the Wicked Witch has returned.

Underworld: Hades appears inside Zelena's farmhouse as he warns her that Ruby has returned from Oz. Zelena thinks this could have been impossible "after what she did to her" and she fears that Regina will be angry at her after learning what she did to Ruby. Hades tries to convince her to stay and face them instead of running away, but when she declines, he tells her he will go after "the wolf" himself.

Emma and the others attending to Ruby tell her that Zelena is down there too. After Regina asks what Zelena was up to, Ruby explains that she wanted to get Dorothy's magic slippers in order to get to her baby. Snow asks what Zelena did to Dorothy, but Ruby states that she doesn't know as Dorothy went to face Zelena but disappeared and that she and Mulan couldn't find her. Snow promises that they will find out what happened to Dorothy and Emma says the only way to do that is to talk to Zelena. Near the farmhouse, it is revealed that Zelena is wearing the Silver Slippers but before she can escape, Emma, Regina, Snow, and Ruby show up to question her.

Near Present Oz: The three girls come upon Zelena who tells them that she was banished there. She states that though Dorothy has the "love of Oz", she has the love of her child as she tries to use magic to take away the Silver Slippers but Dorothy is able to self-will them not to move from her feet. Zelena states that she might think again after seeing "who she found sniffing through this rubble" as she holds up a picnic basket with Toto inside (a reference to the one Miss Gulch used). Zelena says that it is her mutt or the slippers and Dorothy has only until sundown the next day to decide.

Underworld: Regina tries to convince Zelena to tell them what she did to Dorothy saying it is the only way they will allow her to see her baby again. Zelena states that is "afraid she can't fix this" as even she can't help Dorothy now. Emma asks why not and Zelena makes a small magic mirror appear to show that Dorothy is under a sleeping curse, and can only be awaken by her true love's kiss.

In the farmhouse, Regina confronts Zelena in telling her that she can come back from doing this and suggests that she should try to fix the situation. With the slippers on the table, Zelena moves them over to Regina who takes them. On the porch, Ruby is worried until Regina walks out of the house and hands the slippers to Ruby. Snow questions how Regina got Zelena to hand them over and Regina says all she did was ask. Ruby however has doubts that anyone in Oz can give Dorothy her true love's kiss, and explains the only person she ever loved was her deceased Aunt Em. Being in the Underworld, Emma realizes that she might be found there.

Near Present Oz: The three girls look over a boiling pot as they try to make a sleeping powder to use against Zelena. However Mulan informs them that she is missing the ingredient of poppies. Dorothy says that she knows exactly where to get some and Ruby comes along as Mulan stays with the pot. Figuring out Toto is more than just a pet, Dorothy explains that after she first visited Oz, her real family tried to have her committed in an asylum (a reference to Return to Oz (film)) while Aunt Em was the only one who believed her and kept her from being locked up. Right before she died, she gave Toto to Dorothy who claims that he is only one who understands her. Ruby shares similar experiences with her village trying to get rid of her because she is a werewolf and reflects on how she accidentally killed her boyfriend. Dorothy is stunned by this as Ruby explains that she came to Oz looking for members of "her pack" but states that she isn't sure if that is what she is looking for. Dorothy asks what it is, and Ruby responds that she isn't sure.

Underworld: Ruby, Emma, Snow, and Regina come upon Aunt Em's grave where she is named Emily Brown (since having one down there indicates they are an inhabitant). Regina points out that even if they go find her, she is dead and can't exactly go to Oz to give Dorothy her true love's kiss. Snow comes up with the notion that Aunt Em can simply put the essence of a kiss into a bottle since Charming breathed into a bottle for the blind witch. As Charming, Hook, and Henry run up to them telling the news that Hades is ripping out phones that are used to connect with the living which Charming and Snow used to contract their baby, Emma realizes they should go home. It is suggested by Emma that they should go to Oz with Ruby and then go back to Storybrooke but Regina points out Hades put a tombstone up trapping Snow there and that even with the power of the slippers, she can't leave. Snow notes that while she can't, Charming can.

At the farmhouse, Belle visits Zelena asking for help in order to get Hades to get rip up the contract concerning her yet to be born child. As they talk, Belle suggests Zelena is scared of Hades but Zelena insists she isn't and doesn't want to do anything because she is convinced she cannot get her "happy ending". Belle suddenly becomes ill as a sign of morning sickness, and Zelena mentions that she did not experience such since Emma in her dark one form sped up her pregnancy. Hearing this makes Belle fear the Hades can do the same since she wanted time for the contract to be broken first and Zelena suggests there might be a way to stop him.

Hook looking at the Storybook cannot get any details on Aunt Em except that she died in Kansas as Charming reflects that he can't believe it needs to be him that needs to go to Oz as he feels Snow should be able to come too. Hook agrees and convinces him that he should go because it is his only ticket out of there. Charming says Hook is right and only hopes he can help Ruby.

Near Present Oz: Ruby and Dorothy come upon the Poppy Field and Dorothy warns that they need to be careful since it is Zelena's territory. Dorothy makes the brief apology of calling Ruby "wolfie" and Ruby responds that its only fair that she gives Dorothy a nickname too which is Kansas. Ruby tries leaning in to pick one of the flowers but Dorothy pushes her away as she needs to be careful as she explains they will be both sleeping after one sniff. Dorothy then picks one of the flowers without bending down and hands it to Ruby who puts it into her skirt. Just then, two of the flying monkeys appear as they try to run away in the field. Ruby then tells Dorothy to trust her as she takes off her red robe which instantly turns her into a wolf during the nighttime. Dorothy then takes the robe and rides off on Ruby in wolf form.

Getting back to the pot with Mulan asking what happened, Dorothy explains that Zelena's monkeys got to them. She then throws the robe onto Ruby turning her back into human. Ruby without recollection of what happened during wolf form asks if Dorothy is okay but Dorothy doesn't respond since she tells them she is tired.

Underworld: Ruby, Regina, and Emma walk into the Blind Witch's diner to ask if she knows where Aunt Em is. The Blind Witch explains that she hates Emily since she runs her own diner called Auntie's Chicken and Waffles. Upon going in and meeting her, Emma tells her that they need her to help Dorothy. Emily puts her mug down in surprise as Ruby explains that Dorothy needs her help by blowing a kiss into a bottle. Snow suggests Dorothy might be Emily's "unfinished business" but as she pops the top of the bottle, she instantly becomes a pile of water.

Hades appears in the diner to reveal that only a drop of water from the river of souls which sends her there which is considered "the worse place". Snow questions why he did that to which he responds because they are trying to help Emily leave the Underworld and get into Heaven/Olympus.

Near Present Oz: Mulan tells Ruby that she gave the sleeping powder to Dorothy. Ruby cries a bit and explains that she has been thinking about what she has been looking for and after Mulan asks, Ruby reveals that it may be someone like Dorothy. Ruby however is discouraged because of how speechless Dorothy seemed when she become a wolf but Mulan suggests she didn't know how to put her reaction into words. Mulan tells Ruby not to make the same mistake she did in waiting too long to tell someone how she felt and encourages Ruby to tell Dorothy how she feels. Ruby opens up the cabin door but Dorothy has already gone off to find Zelena.

Underworld: Ruby is sad that no one is able to wake up Dorothy now but Snow thinks that isn't true and suggests that maybe Ruby can since she cares much about Dorothy. Ruby reveals to Snow that she might love Dorothy as Snow reflects her love with Charming as Ruby says she will try.

At the graveyard near Emily's grave which is cracked (indicating she is in the "worse place"). Regina hands Ruby the silver slippers and gives her the instructions of clicking them three times. Charming says goodbye to Snow since as ironic surprise, she will go to Oz instead because Hook was able change the name on the grave entrapping her there to his. Snow is shocked as Charming assures her that she should go since their baby should have his mother. Snow says goodbye to the rest of them as Regina asks her to watch Robin's son Rolan as she heads off with Ruby to Oz.

Meanwhile, Zelena is in Hades lair as he is just about to officially put Aunt Em's soul into the river Styx as believes that Emily is the only one that could help Dorothy. He does this since he tells Zelena that he knows how much she "hates that girl".

Near Present Oz: In this flashback, Zelena tells how Dorothy came to her in the Emerald City throne where she was keeping Toto in a cage and tried to make her "take a nap". Instead she used her magic to put her into the real sleeping curse.

Underworld: Zelena says that Dorothy might sleep forever and asks Hades what he gets out of this. He pours Aunt Em's soul into the river and responds "other than your happiness, nothing". She is stunned and she hands her a glass as they toast to "Dorothy's eternal slumber".

Present Oz: The Munchkins along with Mulan look over the body of Dorothy similarly to how the seven dwarfs looked over the body of Snow White. Suddenly Toto barks and runs off as Mulan asks him "what is it?" Just then smoke appears with Ruby and Snow standing there. Ruby thanks Mulan for taking care of Dorothy as Mulan refers that she has previous experience (which was watching over the body of Aurora/Sleeping Beauty). Ruby being nervous is assured by Snow goes over to kiss Dorothy on the lips which breaks the curse and awakens her.

Ruby then tells Dorothy that she left without saying goodbye to which Dorothy responds that she couldn't lose her to Zelena to which Ruby says that she almost lost Dorothy. The two then embrace each other (in a literal use of the LGBT term "Friend of Dorothy")

Underworld: Henry looks at a new page for the storybook as it appears of Dorothy and Ruby kissing and smiles as he uses his quill to magically write their story down. The words are seen briefly:

"And then Ruby] leaned down and kissed Dorothy. For her, it was the kiss of a lifetime.She felt a jolt of electricity pass down from her to Dorothy..."

Henry then shows "the latest" to Charming which is of Dorothy and Ruby in Oz and of Snow back with her baby.

Meanwhile, Belle tells Rumple not to worry about Hades possibly taking their baby since Zelena handed her a flask with the sleeping curse inside which will "pause everything". Rumple expresses doubt that he can break the curse to which Belle replies that her father Moe who is back in Storybrooke can. It is now upon him to break the contract with Hades and get her back there.


Underworld: Hades drives Zelena in a red car to have a small picnic with wine. As they talk, Hades shows her the skyline of the Underworld Storybrooke as he explains that he wanted to give her a decayed version of what Regina has and that she deserves more. He suggests he is willing to give up his reign if she gives him True Love's kiss so that they may live together as a family in the real Storybrooke. He gets onto his knees and asks "Zelena, will you make chaos with me?". 

When Zelena arrives at the farmhouse, she is greeted by Regina who has been waiting for her. Regina questions where Zelena was but as she starts to answer, she realizes that Regina already knows the answer and has spied on her. When questioned how, Regina pulls out a small magic mirror that shows Zelena with Hades.Getting into an argument over privacy, Regina doesn't trust her with Hades because of what he wants to do with the group. Even through they agree Hades is a villain, Zelena feels that she can help him. Regina however doubts this notion and Zelena suggests that she should stop pretending to care as if she wanted a sister,

Enchanted Forest: A young princess Regina is playing with a doll as her mother Cora walks in and questions what she is doing. Regina asks her mother if she wants to play but Cora explains she can't as she is busy and puts a box in a table drawer. Cora leaves Regina alone after telling her that she learned to be dependent on herself since she was "the Miller's daughter". Looking at the drawer, Regina decides to open it along with the box which contains Cora's wand. In an attempt to place a spell onto her doll to make it come alive as "her sister", she accidentally casts a big backfiring spell which knocks her unconscious. As Cora and her father run in, Cora explains that her magic won't work since it "was the cause of her pain" and the only chance is "someone who hasn't harmed her".

Underworld: Regina explains to the group that Zelena is in love with Hades and is being irrational. Hook offers to perhaps kill her but Charming dismisses the notion as Regina has a better idea: getting Cora to help.

Cora is seen underground the collapsed clocktower pushing sacks of wheat which is to be made into flour. Looking in one of the sacks, she finds Hook's hook hand which is able to use in breaking her chains and allows her to use magic against the guards allowing her to escape. Hook greets her as she thanks him and states that Regina needs her.

Past Oz: Cora hides in a bush to watch young Zelena gather wood near her cabin that is located next to the Yellow Brick Road. Zelena accidentally drops the logs and uses her hands to magically put them into the large pile. Her stepfather (who found her on the road as a baby so many years ago) is mad at her and calls her magic "wickedness". As her stepfather attempts to hurt her with a stick, he is suddenly frozen by magic. Zelena says sorry not knowing how she may have cast it, but then Cora appear behind her and says she doesn't have to worry. Cora states that she cast the spell and also has magic. Zelena starts to ask if "she is a good witch or..." but Cora stops her to say that she is a good witch and that her father is wrong to make her feel bad as if having magic is wrong and what she has is a gift. Cora offers a chance to show her father that magic is good if she can help "someone dear to me".

Underworld: Regina apologizes to her mother for not coming sooner and explains what Hades has done. Cora however states that she knows the Lord of the Underworld cannot leave the realm for good, but Zelena recants that he can with True Love's kiss. Cora questions "who can possibly love that man?" and Regina tells her Zelena. Cora says they need to make Zelena change her mind because she is in much more danger than Regina realizes. When Regina questions how they can, Cora suggests that they "need to make her forget Hades ever existed".

Enchanted Forest: As Cora walks into Regina's bedroom with Zelena and explains she is "the cure". Cora's husband questions who the girl is but Cora hushes him as he leaves. Turning her back to Zelena at the bedside, Cora states what she needs to do is complicated but however Zelena easily just raises her arms and magically heals Regina waking her up. The two girls are introduced but not told they are sisters.

Underworld: Regina and Cora come upon the river Styx to collect water so that Zelena may drink it and forget Hades. Cora states that a spring of the water flowed near their estate and she used it before, but on who isn't important. Regina is doubtful she can be let into the farmhouse by herself, so Cora offers to let Zelena "finally meet her mother".

At the farmhouse, Zelena answers the door and finally meets her mother. She angrily shuts the door on her but Cora magically opens it back. Cora states that they both know Zelena has been waiting for this moment her entire life and they shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Enchanted Forest: Regina and Zelena are playing dress-up but they quiet in the fear of waking up Cora. Zelena states that Regina's mother is going to take her back home soon and Regina shows her the box that Cora used to keep the wand in. As Zelena lays her hand on the box, it opens to Regina's surprise since it is sealed with blood magic which can only mean they are related and that they need to ask Cora.

Underworld: Regina waits outside as Cora talks to Zelena about Hades. Cora states that she was wrong to leave Zelena alone and hugs her as Regina secretly walks in. Cora fetches Zelena some water which Regina taints with water from the Styx. Cora hands Zelena the cup and she states that finally meeting her mother feels like a dream but suddenly she reveals that she knows about their plan as she tosses the water into the fire and tells Regina to come out. Zelena is angry at both of them while Regina tries to explain that they weren't trying to ruin anything. Zelena says neither of them cared about whatever happened to her.

Enchanted Forest: Regina and Zelena walk towards Cora to ask about the box and she tells them they are sisters. Cora asks a rather excited Regina if they would like to live as a family and she says it would make her very happy. Cora however says she is disappointed in this response since she can only depend on herself and states that if people found out about Zelena, everything Cora has done for Regina would be gone.Cora has guards take Zelena away and pulls out a bottle of the Styx water to make Regina and Zelena forget any of it happened.

Underworld: Zelena casts a green fireball as Regina casts her own while their mother looks down and extinguishes their flames. Cora explains that they should be mad at her since there was a time when they did care about each other and she holds their hands to give their memories back to them. They start crying as Cora laments that she was a fool for thinking that love was a weakness and apologizes to Zelena.

They go near the bridge to Olympus to see if Cora will be let in. She states that bringing her two girls together is all the peace she needs. She gives them both an emotional goodbye and walks down the bridge. It rumbles as if to put her into the well of souls but suddenly it changes into the bright light as she walks in.

Zelena cries as she waited her whole life for a mother and now she is gone. Regina comforts her and states that Zelena should go to Hades since maybe perhaps he can be changed too and they hug.

Later at the Blind Witch's diner, Hades is seen setting up a large romantic dinner for him and Zelena. She walks toward the entrance but is stopped by Rumple as he blames her for Belle's sleeping curse. Suddenly his father Peter Pan appears who says "I hear your wicked, but I'm much worse" as he throws a wheat sack over her as the episode ends.


Regina explains to the group why she told Zelena to give Hades a chance to possibly change him, however they have doubts. Hades then appears and asks for their help as Zelena did not show up to their date as he shows them the ransom note from Rumple and Pan as they want him to give the deed to Rumple's second child back. Regina tells him to do it as she wants to help but Hades refuses this. He instead wants help from Emma and promises to take the names off of the gravestones allowing everyone to leave.

Hades lockets himself in the Blind Witch's diner as Pan and Rumple holding Zelena appear. He pulls out the baby contract and rips it. Rumple says he may have her back, but however Pan states that they said nothing about her heart which he can use to live again. Zelena recants this stating her heart has a protection spell on it, but Pan says their magic is better. As he attempts to get it, Emma appears with a blast of magic which makes Pan and Rumple leave separately (this happens because Rumple only wanted the contract ripped up and doesn't really trust his father). Hades takes the magical arm brace off of Zelena and they embrace which breaks the curse placed unto him and the Underworld. He alerts them that a portal to Storybrooke has opened but will only be there until sunset.

At the cemetery, Hades removes the names off of the gravestones. Since Hook is dead, Emma takes out her heart and breaks it into two trying to give it to him but however it doesn't work. Sticking her heart back in, Emma questions why it didn't work and Hook states that he knew they couldn't trust Hades. Hades then explains it wasn't him and that laws of nature exist beyond his control. He then notes that Hook's soul has been there for a while and his body buried in Storybrooke has started to decay. Emma questions if anyone had ever returned someone from the Underworld and Hades says there has been in reference to Orpheus. In order to save them all, Emma and Hook go down into a special elevator to retrieved a magical flower that Orpheus used.

Meanwhile Rumple and Pan argue about "the heart" he was promised and he threatens to use Pandora's box if Rumple doesn't get a heart for him.

Outside the elevator, Henry notes that even though Hades is leaving and not keeping the deceased trapped, the many lost souls may not know what their unfinished business is. Suddenly Robin walks in with the baby and wonders what Zelena is doing there. Regina explains it is okay because of what has happened previously. There is debate over who should take the baby back to Storybrooke first and Regina suggests Zelena should. Robin however has doubts as Regina tries to explain that she can finally be trusted. He hands the baby over to Zelena and she thanks Regina as she leaves with Hades. Robin who is in some disbelief wonders somewhere by himself but suddenly Rumple appears and takes his heart.

It is speculated later in the episode that Hades doesn't want the others to return to Storybrooke as the magic flower tree was chopped down and also unknown to them, Cruella deVil and the Blind Witch locked the group inside the building though Regina notes that it couldn't have been the Blind Witch's spell.

Zelena and Hades are in the cemetery heading into the portal as it can only be open for 15 minutes. Hades in fact did plan to leave the others, but Zelena did not know this and was worried. Learning the truth about Hades, Emma relents that they have to keep Hook down there. Thankfully though, Emma and Zelena are able to break down the enchanted door with their combined powers and they all go into the portal. Also in relation of Robin, it is revealed at the end Rumple returned his heart to him in order to trick his father into taking a fake heart sending him to the river of souls.

Last Rites[]

Storybrooke: Hades and Zelena holding the baby are on a bridge as he is happy to have lifted the Underworld but she is still worried about the others. Hades reassures that they are probably safe. Zelena wants to go into town to look for them but Hades fears how the townspeople will react to seeing two villains. She goes off by herself to town and hands the baby to him. Just then a handcuffed King Arthur runs over to Hades and they find commonality in being "unjustly inprisioned" and "meant to rule a kingdom". Hades then sets off a plan to "rule this kingdom" after magically killing Arthur and sending him to the Underworld.

Regina and Robin find Zelena and wonder where the baby is as she tells them it is with Hades. Zelena claims he is changed, but Robin and Regina try to explain to her what happened as how they were almost trapped in the Underworld but she does not believe them. They try to reason with her but she believes that Hades is different now just because he has a heart and she disappears in a cloud of smoke.

In Regina's office, Zelena holds the baby in her lap as she warns Hades about the group's intentions. He offers to "turn himself in" but she relents that he shouldn't do that. They agree that they need to defend themselves and they will fight if they need to. He shows her a powerful weapon called the Olympian Crystal that belonged to Zeus which he is willing use.

Zelena then casts a powerful protection spell on the entire town hall building as the group outside wonders how they can get in. Regina says there is a secret tunnel and she heads in with Robin. She apologizes to him because she felt Zelena changed but he is more focused on saving his daughter.

In the room, Hades explains to Zelena how Zeus broke the crystal so he couldn't use it but with his heart, he is able to fix it. He suggests that they might be able to rule Storybrooke but she recants that they were just planning to live there. Hades tries to convince her that they might need to show their strength in order to survive and just then the phone rings. He picks it up and it is Rumple who wants to make a deal. He claims he can protect the two of them if they give him a piece of the crystal, but Hades declines.

In the tunnel, Regina apologizes again to Robin that Zelena has his daughter and states she is trying to make up for it. He forgives her and suggests that Zelena deserves another chance as he then kisses Regina.

In the room, Hades finally completes the crystal. Zelena suggests that they should take it and leave Storybrooke for somewhere else. He however tells her that the others will hunt them down wherever they go. Right outside the door are Regina and Robin who want a distraction. Just then, the lights flicker as Zelena looks outside to see Emma trying to break the spell. She disappears in smoke as he takes the crystal and walks right past the two as they go into the room.

Zelena confronts Emma and magically tosses her to the ground. She then hands her new pages of the storybook while Zelena reads hastily and gets more angry in accusing them of "trying to killing the man I love".

In the room, Robin picks up the baby but Hades is there threatening to use the crystal on Regina. She says that Zelena would hate him if he killed her but he explains that the crystal has the power to take someone out of existence. Hades fires a charge aimed at Regina but it hits Robin. This kills him in a way that his soul appears as Regina cries before disappearing into a presumed nothingness. He aims it at Regina but suddenly Zelena walks in. Hades claims that Robin wanted to hurt her but Regina exclaims that is a lie. Zelena has doubts as she holds the story pages in the belief that they want to kill Hades. Zelena then confronts him and he confesses that he did try to trap them in the Underworld. While she is shocked while Hades tries to explain that it was the only way to get revenge, Regina jumps up and Zelena ends up with the crystal in her hands. She then has the ultimatum to use it either on Hades or Regina and she uses it on Hades as she makes a more emotional case. He turns into sand as Zelena starts weeping as Regina gets comforted by her as they both grieve over their losses.

Underworld: Arthur and Hook were the ones who were able to send Emma the pages concerning Hades and the crystal. As Arthur stays to repair the kingdom that is the Underworld, Hook walks into the light and is personally thanked by Zeus for his help in destroying Hades and takes him "to where he belongs".

Storybrooke: Emma presides over Hook's grave as she gives pays her respects. Many of the townspeople show up to Robin's funeral. Some lay down flowered arrows onto his tomb. Zelena holding the baby walks toward Regina as she regresses that he never got to name his daughter. Zelena says there is only one name she can think of, and that is Robin.

Emma remains the last one there as she wishes to say goodbye but suddenly a force of magic startles her as Hook appears alive behind her and they embrace.

In the room, Rumple says to Hades' dust that he should have made a deal and takes a piece of the crystal.

Only You[]

Regina is sitting down at Granny's restaurant where a memorial plaque of Robin is displayed. Snow and Charming come along to comfort her and so does Zelena holding baby Robin. The Charmings leave the two sisters alone as they privately talk about their loss.

Zelena feeds the baby a bottle of milk as Henry stands next to her and Emma walks in to talk to Regina. Suddenly blasts of magical light shake the town but before they find out what it is, they are stunned to learn Hook is alive as Emma didn't get the chance to tell them yet.

Zelena explains to the group that the blasts of light were caused by Rumple tampering with the Olympian crystal in trying to absorb its power. Zelena explains that he has the possibly to absorb all of Storybrooke's magic. It is explained by Emma he is planning this just to override the True Love's kiss spell on Belle since he is presumed to not be her true love.

The group sits around a map as they try to find Rumple but Regina and Emma read Henry phone texts about his plan to take magic out of Storybrooke by taking the crystal outside of the town. Rumple comes in to explain what would happen if Henry "destroyed magic" and that would potentially destroy the town. He leaves to try find Henry and Regina goes after him along with Emma trying to stop her from doing anything drastic.

The group informs the townspeople about the situation as Granny holds the baby. Merida asks what if they can't find Henry in time, and Snow suggests sending them home to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena whips out her wand to create a portal and Snow says "this time send them a portal without the twister" to which Zelena replies "you're no fun". She then casts a magical portal door that leads to the Forest.

Outside the door, the giant (from Jack and the Beanstalk) offers to take care of Robin's son Roland as Zelena says goodbye to him and assures she will visit him soon with his baby sister. He kisses the baby as Granny kisses him. He then hands her a small leaf heirloom that is for Regina. Charming tells Zelena to close the portal, but as she tries to, a strange water sprout twister comes out of it. She attempts to stop it but it sucks all of them into the portal except for Granny and the baby.

Land of Untold Stories: When the group drops into the realm, Zelena says "well we certainly are not in Storybrooke anymore" (a nod to the 1939 movie line) .

They wonder if they can get back to Storybrooke, but Zelena's wand is broken and she can't fix it without the proper potions.

They come upon a man trimming flowers but he is frightened as he is not supposed to talk to strangers. They talk about their dilemma but he says he can't help them since magic is dangerous and he would be punished. In questioning by who, another man wearing hospital garb shocks the group unconscious with a magical stun gun.

The group wakes up and finds themselves locked in a large cage. Zelena notes that the bars are enchanted so magic can't get them out. The owner comes in to ask why they are really in his realm and claims they were sent by Rumple. He manically chokes Hook but Snow and Charming save him by explaining their situation. The owner doesn't really believe this as he leaves them in the cage.

Land Without Magic: In Robin's old apartment, Regina finds an unsent letter addressed to her in a book collection of "this world's legends" about him. Emma notes that it was likely written when he was trying to make things work out with Marian which unknowingly was really Zelena at the time. She breaks down as the letter reveals he really loved her. She relents about her past as being the evil queen along with the trouble she caused. Emma tries to comfort her but Regina assumes she is trapped in a fate of always losing who she loves. Unknown to them, Rumple is standing outside the door.

Land of Untold Stories: The gardener comes to the cage as he suggests he can get the magic they need if the promise to take him with them. He explains he used to be a Doctor before the warden took over, but Zelena stops him as to state that they need to fix her wand. He can't take the contraband magic items with him, so he offers to take the broken wand over there. They are not quick to trust him but Snow says it is the only plan they got so Zelena hands him the wand pieces.

The gardener fixes the wand using an electric device but the male nurse attacks him and painfully hurts him in a way near lab equipment to reveal the gardener is really Dr. Jekyll turned into his Mr. Hyde form who suggests that everyone can go to Storybrooke too.

Jekyll creates a portal with Zelena's wand but says it is not a portal to Storybrooke but to what they need.

The portal Jekyll created was to take Pandora's box which he knowingly took from Rumple who had yet to take Belle's sleeping body out of as he hopes to use the power of "the dark one".

Season Six[]

As the new season starts, new Oz elements will appear along with what Zelena's role will be.

  • Some Oz characters will appear and reside in the Land of Oz not in the Land of Untold Stories.
    • The Tin Woodsman is upcoming character He will appear in the OUAT season 6 episode 18: "Where Blue Birds Fly"
    • The Cowardly Lion is upcoming character He will appear in the OUAT season 6 episode 18: "Where Blue Birds Fly"

Fan speculations:

  • Red has yet to reconnect with Granny and will likely introduce her to Dorothy. Doing so would might cause issues as they still think Zelena is wicked.
  • The status of the three witches is unknown.

The Savior[]

Regina walks into her house as Zelena is there with baby Robin amid boxes of supplies and toys for the infant. They decide to go to the mayor's office which though under brief control by Hyde has been unchanged by Robin's death. The two sisters get into an argument as Regina holds Zelena responsible for Robin's demise since it was her who had mingled with Hades. Zelena leaves with the baby in a puff of smoke and goes to her farmhouse. Waiting there however is the Evil Queen half of Regina who has a plan for Zelena

Season Seven[]

It is unclear how Oz might be featured in the next season as it has been declared to be a "soft reboot" of the series taking place years later. It should be noted that Rebecca Mader who played as Zelena is not returning to the show. It is notable however that ther will be alternative versions of certain fairy tale characters such as Cinderella and Alice based on "how many different times a story has been told".



Once Upon a Time in Wonderland[]

There are no confirmed Oz references in this Alice in Wonderland-themed series, though there is at least one possible reference.

Down the Rabbit Hole[]

Alice is kept in a mental institution for her belief in Wonderland, and is scheduled to undergo a treatment to cure her of it. This is very similar to Dorothy's situation in the beginning of Disney's Return to Oz, and Once Upon a Time frequently references other Disney properties.

Also, Will Scarlet, the Knave of Hearts, a main character in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, is retroactively revealed by the Once Upon a Time Season Four episode "Heart of Gold" to be originally a native of Oz.

Webisodes & Shorts[]

"Witch Watch 2014"[]

Witch Watch 2014
Sparkly Pumps

Regina discusses warns about "Sparkly Pumps".

This humorous minisode features Regina, the town mayor, warning the citizens of the dangers of the Wicked Witch, playing on real storm watch news broadcasts.

She also mentions the Flying Monkeys, citing their ability to transform humans into more Flying Monkeys.

She recommends that citizens keep buckets of water nearby, to throw on the Wicked Witch if need be (which melts the witch in the orignal novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (book)).

She warns citizens with a bicycle (a reference to Miss Gulch), a Broomstick, or some "sparkly pumps" to keep them hidden.

The scrolling text at the bottom of the screen notes that skywriting in the area was reported, reading "Surrender, Regina" (a reference to the famous skywriting message from the 1939 film which reads "Surrender, Dorothy").

The scrolling text also warns citizens to report any of the following phenomena:

  • Green-skinned bicyclists (Implying the Wicked Witch and her counterpart, Miss Gulch);
  • Storm-tossed terriers (A reference to Toto)
  • Pointy headgear (Such as the Witch's hat)
  • Hover Brooms
  • Jet Brooms
  • Jet Broom Mid-Air Docking Facilities
  • Silver Slippers
  • Silver Slipper polish
  • Flying Monkey food
  • Flying Monkey droppings, including partially digested Munchkins

Citizens are warned not to try using fire extinguishers or any liquid other than water to kill the witch; milk only makes her stronger.

The scrolling text specifically warns Scarecrows, Tin Woodmen, and some Lions to take extra precautions and to consult their physicians.

Adaptation Notes[]

The Wicked Witch of the West is the older half-sister of the Evil Queen from "Snow White", and daughter of Cora (who is the miller's daughter from "Rumpelstiltskin", and the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

The Wicked Witch is green-skinned, rides a broomstick, and often dresses in black with a pointy black hat as in the 1939 movie adaptation by MGM.

The Wicked Witch begins turning green out of intense jealousy for her sister, while she was in the Enchanted Forest for the first time. She then becomes entirely green after her return to Oz.

The Witch of the East is a good witch, so Dorothy's house did not land on her. The house also landed in the West instead of the East.

The magic shoes are silver as they are in the book, but are simply called slippers.

The six-leaved clover is from L. Frank Baum's children's novel The Patchwork Girl of Oz, a sequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

It was the Wicked Witch, not Dorothy, that exposed the Wizard of Oz's true persona. She turned him into one of her Winged Monkeys. The monkeys are in fact people transformed by the Wicked Witch into her pets rather than being a race of reluctant servants controlled by a magic cap.

The Wizard went under the name Walsh and owned a furniture store called "The Wizard of Oak" in New York City. Under Zelena's orders, he became a brief love interest of Emma until he shape shifted and she killed him by simply pushing him off a balcony.

Hades, Greek god of the Underworld is made to be the Wicked Witch's love interest.

The Witch of the South, Glinda, is the keeper of the Great Book of Records; a fact introduced in The Emerald City of Oz. The book tells the future of Oz as well as the past and present whereas in the novels it only records things as they happen.

The Wicked Witch falsely gives the impression she melts as a result of Dorothy throwing water on her.

The Wicked Witch, while disguised as the Wizard of Oz, gives Dorothy the silver slippers to send her back to Kansas. She also tricks Glinda before revealing herself and supposedly capturing her.

At the current point in the series, the other three witches of Oz are still trapped within areas of the Enchanted Forest and will likely be released when the people of Storybrooke are able to return.

Toto was not present during Dorothy's first trip as it is explained that Aunt Em gave him to Dorothy after she returned from Oz and then passed away sometime after. After dyingM she lived in the Underworld and operated a diner (not much unlike one owned in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz) until her soul was moved to the well of souls by Hades.

The Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and are not present when Dorothy visits Oz as a young girl, although the Wicked Witch seeks a brain, heart, and courage as ingredients for a time travel spell that would be used to alter the past of her mother Cora leaving her alone on the Yellow Brick Road as a baby.

The ramifications of the time travel spell being cast at the end of season three that only went to the time of when Snow met Prince Charming sets into motion the events of season four. A major surprise occurred when it was revealed halfway in the season that Zelena shape shifted into the form of Robin Hood's wife named Marian by using the six-leaf clover. Originally the real Marian was killed by Regina but alternately was saved by Emma but ironically killed by Zelena. She stayed in the form making everyone believe she was Marian and incidentally was briefly frozen in ice close to death because of a curse made by a villain named Ingrid. To be saved from the spell which can't be broken, she goes to New York with Robin because there is no magic there. Believing she was his wife, it is revealed that he inpreganted her much to Robin's disgust in learning the truth. Zelena thus has a daughter of her own which has yet to be named and it is unknown if the child will have magic or not.

The Scarecrow later appears when Dorothy returns to Oz as adult. In the series, he has a brain, but the Wicked Witch of the West wants to take it as an ingredient for her time travel spell. With the help of Hades, she succeeds in taking the brain, leaving the Scarecrow's fate unknown.

The Tin Man made a brief cameo appearance in "Heart of Gold" on the Yellow Brick Road, during the scene where Robin and Will hug. He will be in the OUAT season 6 episode "Where Blue Birds Fly"

Characters Featured[]

  • Munchkins
  • Quadlings (mentioned)
  • The Scarecrow: Paul Scheer (voice)
  • The Tin Woodsman (upcoming)
  • The Cowardly Lion (upcoming)
  • The Wizard: Christopher Gorham
  • Toto
  • Wicked Witch of the West: Rebecca Madler
  • Winged Monkeys
  • Wicked Witch of the East: Sharon Taylor
  • Woodcutter: Adrian Hough
  • Woodcutter's Wife: Maria Marlow

Locations []

  • Emerald City
  • Kansas
    • This is assumed to be the Land Without Magic state, but creator Adam Horowitz has said on social media that she is from a fictional world. This would be similar to four different versions of England being presented (Land Without Magic's England, Victorian, 1920s, and Land of Untold Stories).
  • Munchkins's Village
  • Poppy Field
  • Quadling Country (mentioned)
  • The Wizard's Throne Room
  • The Yellow Brick Road


  • Magic Mirror
  • Poppies
  • The Great Book of Records
  • The Silver Shoes
  • The Six-Leaf Clover


In the series, events are not usually shown in order because of switching from the present to the past in flashbacks. This is a working chronological list of Oz events:

(Admin note: Being worked on by Riadse96)

  • Cora gives birth to Zelena but decides to give her up out of embarrsement that the father was a simple gardener who lied that he was a prince.
  • Cora leaves Zelena as a baby on the Yellow Brick Road by using a magical cyclone and she is found by a woodcutter and his wife.
  • At some point, the wife passes away.
  • Cora returns years later needing Zelena to heal Regina. After the girls learn they are sisters, Cora gets angry and erases their memories.
  • Zelena grows up to be an adult and her adoptive father becomes angry that she uses magic and reveals how he found her on the road. She goes to the Wizard for help in learning about her birth family and he provides her with the Sliver Slippers. In learning about her sister Regina and what she has, Zelena's skin becomes green with envy as she wishes to change the past.
  • When the Wizard is unable to fulfill Zelena's request for time travel, she pulls the curtain down revealing he is only but a simple showman named Walsh. In anger, she turns him into a flying monkey.
  • Glinda finds Zelena believing that she is the person that she and the other witches are looking for as the Book of Records states as they are to have a "Witch of the West".
  • Dorothy arrives by cyclone and Zelena is immediately jealous fearing that Dorothy is meant to be the real Witch of the West but of course, she is only interested in getting home to Kansas.
  • Dorothy throws a pail of water onto Zelena and she melts as to fake her death.
  • Zelena posing as the Wizard sends Dorothy home to Kansas with the Silver Shoes. Glinda is tricked into thinking the Wizard returned to normal with Zelena defeated but she reveals herself and banishes all three of the witches to different places.
  • A couple of explorers come to Oz looking for magical items: The Mad Hatter of Wonderland tries to find the shoes for Rumplestiltskin but only gets a crystal ball. Robin Hood and Will Scarlet steal an Elixir of the Wounded Heart that can heal physical and emotional pain from Zelena's palace.
  • In Kansas, hardly anyone except Aunt Em believes Dorothy's story about going to Oz. She gives her a small dog named Toto and passes away sometime after.
  • Somehow the Munchkins are able to magically contact Dorothy and with the shoes is able to return.
  • Sometime during her return, Dorothy met the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.
  • Zelena prepares to create her time travel spell which requires the symbols of wisdom, courage, love, and innocence. She first captures the Scarecrow to get his brain, but Dorothy and Toto stop her briefly.
  • Hades lord of the Underworld comes to Oz hearing about Zelena and how wickedly evil she is. They bond romantically and he offers to help her get Dorothy, but she declines.
  • Zelena successfully takes the Scarecrow's brain.
  • It is unknown if she ever got around to taking the Tin Man's heart and Lion's courage mainly because when she finally casts the spell many years later, she doesn't use any of these items. It can be presumed Dorothy at some point was able to get the items back to her friends.
  • Zelena leaves Oz for unknown reasons to reside in Regina's old palace.
  • When the people of Storybrooke are able to return to the Enchanted Forest after an adventure in Neverland,
    Regina meets Zelena for what they think is the first time.
  • Zelena causes much trouble by trapping the man Lumiere into the form of a candlestick along with ensuring the death of Rumple's son Neal/Baelfire because of the cursed vault of dark one.
  • When Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip who are imprisoned by Zelena, they warn Snow White that the witch wants her yet to be born child. Snow then runs off to find Glinda for help.
  • In her small banished cold realm, Glinda tells Snow that Zelena's weakness is light magic. The only person who has such is Emma who is still in the Land without Magic.
  • Snow and Regina devise another curse to send the people back to Storybrooke but Zelena interfers with a potion that will make them forget the events of them being in the Enchanted forest. She creates an antitote that allows her to be affected in going to Storybrooke but not losing her memories.
  • In Storybrooke, the group of fairy tale characters are confused as they do not remember anything and think the spell did not work.
  • Zelena is among them and becomes Snow's midwife in offering to help her deliver the baby.
  • In New York, Emma has been dating a man named Walsh for eight months who works at a furniture store called the Wizard of Oak.
  • After Hook randomly appears during one of her dates with Walsh, Emma does not remember him or any of the fairy tale experiences due to losing her memories as Regina reversed her own curse.
  • Hook gives her a mysterious potion to make her remember and when she drinks it, this angers Walsh who even though he supposedly wanted to marry her turns into a raging flying monkey but she knocks him off a balcony presumably killing him in monkey form.


As of the beginning of the show's third season, Oz had not been visited and no characters from Oz made appearances, though Wonderland and Neverland both had been (the former now being the subject of a spin-off). However, the show's producers had stated in an interview that they did intend to visit Oz at some point, and that they have a way they intend to do so. ABC had previously bought the adaptation rights to The Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire, leading to early speculation that the series was planning to incorporate a storyline based on Elphaba.

An original adaptation of the Wicked Witch of the West was set to appear in the second half of season three, and was shown in the trailer for the show's return in March. She appeared, along with her Flying Monkeys, in the premiere episode, and since that time Oz itself has been visited and other Oz characters and settings have appeared.

The appearance of the Wicked Witch matches the version shown in the 1939 film, having green skin and a black dress, with a pointed hat. Her dress also looks very similar to the version seen in Oz the Great and Powerful.

The Wicked Witch is portrayed by Rebecca Mader. The Wizard of Oz also appears, where he's known as Walsh.

It was noted in press release during the first half of season 5  that the character of Dorothy would reappear as “a brave warrior for good" within the 2nd half of the season who is somewhere in her late 20s to early 30s who will try to reclaim Oz from Zelena who has been sent back.

See Also[]

  • Fables, a comic book franchise with a similar premise which also uses elements from the Oz series.
  • Emerald City (TV series), the NBC series that aired one season in 2017 which also has a 20s something Dorothy as a warrior. This series aired during Once's winter hiatus.
  • Dorothy and the Witches of Oz, the 2012 film had a similar premise of Dorothy and friends in the real world realizing they are fairy tale characters.

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