Notta Bit More
Species human
Residence Land of Oz;
United States (formerly)
Occupation Circus clown
Affiliation Ozma
First Appearance The Cowardly Lion of Oz

Notta Bit More was an American circus clown who accidentally stumbled onto a magic phrase into Mudge, a kingdom within the Munchkin Country of the Land of Oz.

Notta has a procedure he always follows for dealing with frightening situations. He starts by disguising himself, then tries being polite, then a joke, and then running away.


He transported himself and Bobby Downs, a little orphan boy, to Mudge, where they received a quest from Mustafa, the king of Mudge, to bring him the Cowardly Lion.

Along their journey they visited many interesting parts of Oz, including the Skyle of Uns. They met with the Cowardly Lion, who joined the party, as did a bird from Uns named Nickadoodle, who fell in love with Notta.

After Mustafa had been defeated by Ozma and the rest of the Oz people, Notta was invited to live in Oz and was given a tent by Ozma outside the Emerald City, and he adopted Bob. (The Cowardly Lion of Oz)

In Return to Oz


Notta Bit More can be seen during the coronation, after Dorothy successfully defeats the Nome King and restores the Emerald City. (Return to Oz)

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