The Nonestic Ocean is the body of water that surrounds the landmass on which Oz and its neighbors and associated countries are located. (This landmass or "Ozian continent" has been labelled Nonestica by modern researchers.)


The "great, green, rolling" Nonestic Ocean is remarkable for the number and variety of islands it contains. These include Pingaree, Regos and Coregos, Phreex, Patrippany, Peakenspire, Nonagon, Octagon, Roaraway and Norroway, Salamander, Isa Poso, Mount Up, Elbow, Bridge, Nowhere At All, Shell City, Snow Island, and Conjo's Island; the island of the Palace of Romance; and Tazara with its kingdoms of Amaland and Ozamaland. Also thought to be located there is the enchanted Island of Yew.

Umbrella Island originated in the Ocean, prior to its departure into the skies becoming one of those floating islands.

Exotic and submarine locations also occur in the Nonestic Ocean: the realm of King Anko and Queen Aquareine, Mer City, Seeweegia, and the Sea Forest.


L. Frank Baum first refers to the Nonestic Ocean by name in the opening chapter of Rinkitink in Oz. Specific locations like Phreex and Yew are mentioned in earlier books.

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