Noland is a kingdom which is near the Land of Oz and neighbors the Land of Ix.


The capital city of Noland is Nole where the King of Noland resides. There are high mountains on the border between Noland and Ix, and on the northern border are mountains known as "The Giant's Stairway" which are higher still.


It is said that the king rules his five counselors, who in turn rule the kingdom. The king's word is law, but when the king is absent, ill, or asleep, the counselors consult the Book of Laws to govern.

The army of Noland is led by General Tollydob, who commands seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven men.

Before the reign of King Bud, there was little political contact between Ix and Noland.


When the old King of Noland died, the king's counselors chose Bud as their new king, according to the Book of Laws. Bud's sister, Princess Fluff was said to be a favorite of the Fairies and brought good fortune to the kingdom in the form of her Magic Cloak. King Bud used the Cloak to wish to be the best king Noland ever had.

In an effort to obtain the Magic Cloak, Queen Zixi of Ix attempted to invade Noland, but was defeated in battle. She later became a friend and ally of King Bud.

Not long after that, the Roly-Rogues bounded down from the North Mountains and conquered the City of Nole. King Bud and Princess Fluff escaped with the help of their Aunt Rivette, and sought the help of Queen Zixi. The queen sent Ruffles the dog with a Silver Vial of sleeping potion to put into the creatures' soup. Then her army rolled the unconscious Roly-Rogues out of the country and into a river where they floated out to sea. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

Notable Residents of Noland


The method of choosing kings in Noland is anticipated in "Old King Cole," one of the tales in Baum's 1897 collection Mother Goose in Prose.

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