Nikobob was a poor charcoal-burner who lived on the island of Regos. He had a wife and a daughter named Zella.

Nikobob found the lost shoes of Prince Inga of Pingaree, which contained two of the Magic Pearls. On his way home he encountered Choggenmugger and, with the power given to him by the Pearls, destroyed the monster with his ax. Upon arriving home, he gave the shoes to his daughter, unaware of the treasure they contained. After Prince Inga re-conquered Regos, Nikobob refused his offers to be made king of the island or to be made a rich man. He did, however, offer to direct the men of Pingaree in restoring their despoiled country to its former condition. He and his family moved to Pingaree, where King Kitticut made him his Lord High Chamberlain. (Rinkitink in Oz)

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