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NBC Universal's Logo 2004 – 2011

NBC Universal's Logo from 2004 to 2011.

NBCUniversal is a conglomerate of various film companies such as Universal Studios along with television stations such NBC and Syfy that have produced or are in the process of producing Oz adaptations.



Universal Studios[]


In 2016, Universal bought Dreamworks Animation which previously owned the assets of Filmation and the Rankin-Bass library.

Universal Studio Parks[]

The Land of Oz was a small area exclusive to Universal Studios Japan that opened presumably in 2001 until it closed and replaced in 2011. It featured a few attractions and characters walking around such as Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion, along with Munchkins. The area had a Yellow Brick Road for guests to walk around on and a few Munchkin Houses for decoration. There was also a gift store called "Winkie Warehouse"

It only had three attractions which included:

  • Magical Oz-Go-Round, a carousel
  • An abridged one-act stage show production of Wicked (musical) in Japanese which was housed in the Emerald City area
  • Toto & Friends, an animal trick stage show featuring dogs and birds among other animals

Other notes:

  • This should not be confused with or has any connection to the The Land of Oz Theme Park
  • This was an original adaptation regardless of any copyright and was mostly based on the books.
  • The costume design featured Dorothy wearing a blue checkered dress and the Silver Shoes, Scarecrow was simply in a blue overall with a yellow shirt with makeup while Tin Man and Lion were both plush like full body costumes.

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