Mount Munch

Mount Munch is a "big tall hill" in the eastern extreme of the Munchkin Country of the Land of Oz. On one side, the base of the peak just touches the border of the Deadly Desert that surrounds Oz.

Near the bottom of the hill is where Nimmie Amee lives with Chopfyt. (The Tin Woodman of Oz)

Above the lowest third of its height, the slopes are too steep to climb, so that the Munchkins do not go up, and the people on top do not come down. Those people, who live in a saucer-like depression at the top of Mount Munch, are sensibly called Hyups. They can be reached from the lower world, but only with difficulty; Ozma once sent them a decree via messenger eagle. They are situated in their isolation rather like the Yips in their own distant corner of Oz. (The Magic of Oz)

The Hyups sustain themselves by growing grain and vegetables and raising flocks. They draw water from their streams, and their trees "bear all sorts of things." (Since this is Oz, those trees might grow exotic foodstuffs and useful objects, like the trees in Oogaboo.)

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