Mist Maidens are fairies that live in a valley in the Land of Oz.



Mist Maidens.

Like sea nymphs, the Mist Maidens take the form of beautiful young women. They appear clothed in fleecy, trailing garments of gray that can scarcely be distinguished from the mists they inhabit. Yet their gleaming arms and sweet, pallid faces show that they are living, intelligent creatures. They are benign and can be helpful to others. (Glinda of Oz)


Like the Cloud Fairies in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, the Mist Maidens likely derive from the Cloud Maidens in Edith Ogden Harrison's Prince Silverwings and Other Fairy Tales (1902), via L. Frank Baum's 1903 dramatic adaptation of her work.

The Mist Maidens appear again in Jodie in Oz, a sequel to Queen Ann in Oz (included in the 2014 version of that book), in which Jodie and her friends seek their help.

In Family of Oz (2011), by James C. Wallace II, the Mist Maidens are found playing with Polychrome, Daughter of the Great Rainbow, among the clouds that embrace the mountaintop home of O.Z. Diggs in the northern mountains of Gillikin Country.