Mildred Harris (29 November 1901 – 20 July 1944) was an actress who worked for the Oz Film Manufacturing Company in 1914. She played Fluff in The Magic Cloak of Oz and Button-Bright in His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz.

Harris was only twelve years old when she began working in Oz films, though she was already a veteran of more than two dozen movies. Her career continued throughout her life, through more than 100 films, though by the mid-1930s she was reduced to bit parts. She is now best remembered, perhaps, as the first wife of Charlie Chaplin (the first of her three husbands); she was nearly 17 when they married, and 19 when they divorced. Post-Chaplin, she had an affair with the Prince of Wales, and later introduced the Prince to Wallis Simpson.

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