The Metal Forest is an artificial forest in the Great Domed Cavern of the Nome Kingdom. It is a sort of treasury where much of the nomes' riches are stored.


The Great Domed Cavern is the largest cave in the dominions of the Nomes. It is so big, it is almost like being out of doors; the roof is higher than a church steeple. Within this cavern is the most beautiful forest in the world.

The trees—trunks, branches, and leaves—are all of solid gold and tower as high as natural live oaks. The bushes and underbrush are formed of virgin pure, filigree silver. They are of exquisite workmanship. Beyond the gold and silver trees are other trees of the real sort, including Hotel Trees which bear edible food.

On the ground is thickly strewn precious gems of every hue and size. The paths are pebbled with cut diamonds of the clearest water.


Ruggedo the Nome King made the Metal Forest to amuse himself and to keep his subjects busy. There are three secret passages that lead there, but Ruggedo changed the location of these passages every week to prevent them from being discovered.

When the Nome King kidnapped the Shaggy Man's Brother, he imprisoned the poor man in the Metal Forest for many years. (Tik-Tok of Oz)

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