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  • Hi Wendy, this segment doesn't have the child voice over in it, it has the man voice-over instead. Can you fix this mistake? 

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  • Hi, some of the Sesame Street character segments (and episodes) on the miscellanious pages do not have their earliest known appearances updated ever since the episode scripts that mention them have arrived, can you update them? 

    Elmo: Episode 2185: News Flash: Ideas for Games, Episode 2343: Elmo and Super Grover, Episode 2332: The National Bird 

    Two Headed Monster: Episode 1932: The Word "Bed", Episode 1955: Clarinet Cooperation, Episode 2014: Lullaby Episode 2076: The "Homy Many" Game

    Episode 2614: Smokey Robinson sings "U Really Gotta Hold on Me" (should be Episode 2022)

    Ernie and Bert: Episode 1746: Ernie Counts honkers, Episode 2329: Ernie and the number 12/21

    Light/Dark animation: Episode 3226 (EKA needs to be labled episode 2011)

    Cookie Monster Sleeps over at Ernie's (Nighttime sketch page should be episode 2027)  

    Sesame Street remakes: A New Way to Walk (should be episode 2268) 

    One episode: Girl and Bird animation (should be episode 1918) 

    Human cast sketches: Rainy Day Madrigal (episode 1921) and the Curious Cantada (episode 2160) 

    Episode 2176: Human and animal babies learn to walk (episode 1728), "Be with me" song (episode 2039), "The Letter N" (episode 2071), Maria as Charlie Chaplin "COLD" (episode 1964), 

    Can you update all of these? Remind me what others segments need to have their EKAs updated. 

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    • Why can't you update them? I'd like them to be. 

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    • I can't update them because I cannot verify where the information came from and I won't post things where I don't have personal knowledge, and/or can verify the source.

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  • Hi Wendy, all of us on the Community Central wiki miss you, but are you retired or are you still working? 

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    • I no longer work for Fandom, so to minimize confusion I don't spend much time on Community Central.

      I'm still active now and then on other wikis however, and I'm always happy to answer questions when I can.

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    • A FANDOM user
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