Merryland is an enchanted country ruled by a Queen and consisting of seven valleys connected by archways through which a river flows.


Before Dot and Tot arrived, no one had ever visited the fairyland, and after they left, the Queen sealed the way behind them so that no one would enter again.

Before the entrance to the first valley is a Stony Vale where the Watch-Dog of Merryland lives. It is his duty to prevent visitors from entering Merryland. The vale is surrounded by mountains, and is thickly covered with stones. Nothing green grows there.

The first valley is the Valley of Clowns. The inhabitants are clowns with fancifully painted faces and a variety of costumes, and all are entertaining tumblers and jugglers. Flippityflop, the Prince of Clowns, rules the first valley under the gracious favor of the Queen.

The Valley of Bonbons is the second valley, where everything (including the inhabitants) is made of candy.

The third valley is the Valley of Babies, which is occupied by helpless babies and the Storks who attend them.

The Valley of Dolls is the fourth and most important valley because it is the home of the Queen of Merryland. It is surrounded by a high wall which runs along the riverbank, and the gate is guarded by wooden soldiers.

The fifth valley is the Valley of Pussycats, ruled by King Felis.

The Valley of Wind-Up Toys is the sixth valley, and it is cared for by Mr. Split. A tall forest separates the valley from the river, with only a narrow path connecting them.

The seventh and last valley is the Valley of Lost Things. The river that flows from this final valley was blocked by the Queen after Dot and Tot ended their visit to the country. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

Notable Residents of Merryland