Mangaboos are the people who live in the Land of the Mangaboos. They are not made of meat, but are instead vegetables which grow on bushes and are picked when ripe.


The Mangaboos are well-formed with handsome faces and attractive clothing which grows on their bodies. There are men and women, but no children. They are expressionless, showing no emotion on their faces, and are generally cold and heartless.


Mangaboos by John R. Neill.

The people grow on bushes in the folk gardens. The plants are large and handsome, with broad leaves. The people growing on the bushes are lifeless until picked, and can range from buds and blossoms to the smallest baby to a full-grown person. They are attached to their plant by a stem at the soles of their feet. After they are picked, they often live for about five years if they keep themselves cool and moist and meet with no accidents.

The Mangaboo ruler grows on a Royal Bush separated from the rest by a circle of hedge. He or she is indicated by a glistening Star of Royalty on his or her forehead. The Mangaboos also have a sorcerer who performs magic for the good of the Mangaboo people. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)


The Mangaboos appeared in The Oz Kids episode Underground Adventure.

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