The three Magic Pearls are the most wonderful pearls the world has ever known, owned by the people of Pingaree. Each of the three pearls possesses an astonishing fairy power. Whoever is their owner can count himself a fortunate man.

  • The Blue Pearl gives to the person who carries it a strength so great that no power can resist him.
  • The Pink Pearl protects its owner and anyone he touches from all dangers that may threaten, no matter what the source.
  • The White Pearl can speak, and its words are always wise and helpful.


The Magic Pearls were a gift to the Wizard of Oz from the Queen of the Mermaids in gratitude for saving her life.

They reside, unprotected, in the vaults beneath the Emerald City

King Kitticut's father used the Magic Pearls to successfully repel an invading force from Regos and Coregos. (Rinkitink in Oz)

In Lost in Oz

The animated series Lost in Oz includes a powerful magical artifact known as the Pearl of Pingaree. The pearl can perform extremely powerful magic, and it's sensitive to lies; it glows black when it hears someone tell a lie.

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