The Magic Carpet is a magical item used by Ozma of Oz.


The Magic Carpet is broad and green. It unrolls itself before those who walk on it, and rolls itself back up after. When not in use it can be carried as a small square of green cloth. It protects from dangers on the ground, but is of no use for dangers in the air above.


When Ozma set out to rescue the royal family of Ev from the Nome King, Glinda gave her the Magic Carpet so she could cross the Deadly Desert into the Land of Ev. It was also used to cross a deep gulf in the mountains near the Nome Kingdom. (Ozma of Oz)

Dorothy Gale and the Wizard later used the Magic Carpet to cross the Deadly Desert into the Nome Kingdom, where they rescued his parents King Kitticut and Queen Garee and reunited them with Prince Inga. (Rinkitink in Oz)