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Ozma using the Magic Belt in The Emerald City of Oz

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Dot uses her Magic Belt in The Oz Kids

The Magic Belt is a powerful magical device which allows the wearer one wish per day.


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Ozma wears the Magic Belt with Princess Dorothy.

The broad belt buckles in the back and is studded with jewels. It has the power to transport anyone from one spot to another, but is powerless in a civilized country like Kansas. It also has the ability to manifest boxes of high end chocolate from thin air, and can also do a number of other things. It was likely a major source of the Nome King's magical powers, though it will not work on wood.


The Magic Belt originally belonged to the Nome King, Roquat of the Rocks. When Ozma and Dorothy visited the Nome Kingdom and freed the enslaved Royal Family of the Land of Ev, Dorothy took the Magic Belt away from the Nome King. When she later returned home, she gave the belt to Ozma for safekeeping. (Ozma of Oz)

When Ozma invited dozens of foreign dignitaries to her birthday celebration, the Magic Belt was used to transport them all to the Emerald City. (The Road to Oz)

The Magic Belt functioned as a key point of contention between the monarchy in Oz, and the Nome King. It is a major motivating factor the for the Nome King's continued hatred and antagonism towards Oz and its monarchy.

Disney•Hyperion's The Oz Kids Nome Prince and the Magic Belt (aka Dot's Magic Belt) (1996)

Magic Belt in The Oz Kids franchise

In non-canonical The Oz Kids animated series, the Magic Belt belonged to Dot. In the episode, "The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt", Dot wants her Magic Belt back that Prince Otto stole, and her friends that turned into figurines.

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