Maëtta is a sorceress who lives in the Land of Mo. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, but also gracious and kind with a voice like a silver bell. She wears a white gown and a crown of diamonds. She has an Oracle that she consults and which tells her truly anything she wants to know.


Maëtta gave the King of Mo the gift of the Ruby Casket. She also gave Timtom a golden pill to cure the temper of Princess Pattycake. When the Wicked Wizard stole the toe of Princess Truella, Maëtta provided her with several objects to help her defeat the Wizard and recover her toe.

Maëtta's castle

Her castle is built of pure, white marble and is surrounded by a high wall of jasper. The garden has blue roses, pink buttercups, and fountains of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and amethysts. The castle can only be reached by crossing the River of Needles.

The hallways are covered with mother-of-pearl and exquisitely tinted shells cover the electric lights. Maëtta's throne room is the Grand Chamber of Diamonds. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)

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