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The Love Magnet is a magical item which causes its bearer to be loved by everyone he meets.


The Love Magnet is just a bit of metal shaped like a horseshoe. It is dull and brown, and not very pretty.


The Shaggy Man kept it in his pocket wrapped in crumpled paper and tied with a cotton string. He at first claimed that he had gotten the Love Magnet from an Eskimo in the Sandwich Islands. This Eskimo got tired of being loved, and gave the magnet to the Shaggy Man. The Eskimo was eaten by a grizzly bear the next day.

Later the Shaggy Man admitted that he had stolen the Love Magnet from a girl in Butterfield. She was so loved that the young men quarreled over her. After the Shaggy Man stole the Love Magnet, only one young man continued to love her and they were married.

When the Shaggy Man settled in the Land of Oz, Princess Ozma took the Love Magnet and placed it over the gates of the Emerald City so that whoever enters or leaves the gates will be loved and loving. (The Road to Oz)

The Shaggy Man borrowed the Love Magnet for another adventure when he went in search of his long-lost brother. In the Rose Kingdom it charmed the Royal Gardener, but had no effect on the heartless roses. (Tik-Tok of Oz)