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Wiki Notice: This list is to be edited if adaptions are found and/or are made more widely available.


Some non-canonical Oz books were released in limited numbers or published only a few times if not just once to cause them to be exceptionally rare or considerably lost. Also some in development might have been canceled:

  • The Laughing Dragon of Oz, only printed in 1934 due to copyright issues.
  • The Blue Emperor of Oz: First published fan-fiction by Henry S. Blossom with only 300 copies in 1966, a second edition was released in 1982.
  • More Dorothy Must Die: A 2018 collection of short stories exclusively offered on an app called Ampersand which only existed for about four months. With it going offline, author Danielle Paige has yet to re-release the extra material.


Due to language barriers and other circumstances, these are seemingly landlocked and hard to obtain:

Missing Info[]

  • The Wizard of Oz (stage): L. Frank Baum's original script that was more faithful to the book was only added to an intended appendix of To Please a Child now kept in an archive as an unpublished manuscript.
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939): Various different draft scripts are known to exist but kept in onsite archives such as those by Noel Langley. Excerpts were allowed to appear in The Making of the Wizard of Oz.
    • The initial footage shot by Richard Thorpe is believed to either be lost or it was destroyed.
  • Return to Oz (film): Several character cameos went uncredited with many of their names never made public.
  • Rainbow Road to Oz: The script has never been released but copies have been sold at auction. Its' plot and development related to a proposed cartoon version are unknown.
  • The Wonderful Land of Oz: The director never got the names for the actress who played Jellia Jamb nor the actor who played the Guardian of the Gates. Also, the girls in Jinjur's Army went uncredited leading to rumors that some of them appeared in adult films made by the director.
  • Tales of the Wizard of Oz: Exact number and listing of all animated shorts is unknown as a selective number have only been released through online uploads. Some titles
  • The full cast for The Wizard of Oz (1991) is not known.
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