Legends of Oz World

Players working together in the Talking Tree Forest in Legends of Oz World.

Legends of Oz World was a free to play virtual world browser adventure game based on Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

Servers were started up around the film's release, and it was likely taken down because the movie was a commercial failure.


Serving as a prequel to the film, the virtual world picks up right after Dorothy returns to a Kansas devastated by a tornado. Players must team-up with Dorothy and Toto to save Oz by reuniting with the timeless characters Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow. Throughout their journey, players will explore new lands that will appear in the film, including China Country, Candy County, and the Talking Tree Forest. Legends of Oz World features multiplayer games, 30 story quests and more than 1,000 collectible items.

At one point, a payable membership option was available to recieve special items.

Players can take control of their own customized characters, as well as Toto, who is the player's permanent sidekick. Different players will have a different version of Toto, but within the storyline, all are considered to be Dorothy's Toto.


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