The Land of Naught is an underground country inhabited by Gargoyles and is sometimes called the Country of the Gargoyles. It is located beneath Boboland.


The Land of Naught is made entirely of wood. The ground is sawdust, and the pebbles are knots. Wooden houses are scattered around, with carved wooden flowers in the yards. The tree trunks are of coarse wood, and the leaves are shavings. The grass is formed of wood splinters, but between the patches of grass and sawdust hard wooden flooring can be seen.

There is a wooden city in Naught, with tower-like buildings which are square, six-sided, and eight-sided. The prison is a tall building with a platform high off the ground, with many rooms inside but no windows or door.

Wooden birds flutter among the trees and wooden cows browse on wooden grass. Even the Gargoyles are made of wood. Despite the creatures who live there, the Land of Naught is completely silent.

The Land of Naught is connected to the Valley of Voe by a spiral staircase inside Pyramid Mountain. On the far side of the valley is a large rock with another passageway that leads upward to a Dragonette den.


Overman-Anu, the Champion of Voe, climbed the spiral staircase and fought the Gargoyles for nine days before he could escape. When he returned to the Valley of Voe, he could not be induced to describe his adventure.

Later the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale, and Zeb Hugson passed through Naught and were captured by the gargoyles. They stole some wooden wings and made their escape, setting fire to the wooden country as they did. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)