The Land of Ix has been ruled by the celebrated Queen Zixi for as long as anyone can remember. It is not very far from Noland, though before the reign of King Bud there was little political contact between the two. The Deadly Desert separates Ix from the Land of Oz.

The capital is known as the City of Ix. The splendid palace of the queen is in the center of a beautiful park, with white marble walks, gleaming white statues, fountains and flowers.

The journey from Noland to Ix, traveled often by minstrels like Quavo, involves traversing a steep mountain range, crossing a swift river, and passing through a dark forest. From there the path is easy to the big city. The high marble towers of Queen Zixi's magnificent palace can be seen from well outside the capital city of Ix.

Queen Zixi has led the armies of Ix, consisting of more than 15,000 soldiers, in many wars during the centuries she has reigned. She had fought a hundred battles and never met defeat until her unfortunate invasion of Noland. During times of peace she has taught her people farming, metalworking, and construction. She is a respected ruler, and her taxes are fair.

It is customary in Ix that everyone is treated with respect. During banquets at the royal palace, favored nobles are seated near the queen, merchants and military officer are seated next, but even the servants and members of the household eat in the dining hall, though they are placed at the lower end. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

The Land of Ix is also the home of the Boxers of Boxwood. (The Silver Princess in Oz)

In an alternate timeline where Oz is a dark place ruled by an evil version of the Wizard, the Land of Ix is implied to be at war with them when a time displaced Ozma is first accused of being an "Ixian spy" by Wantowin Battles, the alternate Omby Amby.  {Paradox in Oz} 

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