The Land of Ev is a fairyland which lies across the Deadly Desert from the Land of Oz. It is bordered by the Kingdom of Ix in the east and the Dominions of the Nome King in the south. The Nonestic Ocean lies to the west of Ev.


The town of Evna, which contains the palace of the royal family, lies near to Ev's border with the Deadly Desert. The Wheelers inhabit a small portion in the south-west of the country, where a Lunch-Box Tree and a Dinner-Pail Tree grow.

Its royal family tends to have names that begin with "Ev," as in the Kings Evoldo and Evardo. The kingdom is apparently rather weak militarily compared to Oz and Ix; the regent Langwidere who ruled between the death of Evoldo and release from captivity of Evardo did not dare risk angering Ozma. (Ozma of Oz)


The Land of Ev was once ruled by a cruel king named Evoldo. He sold his wife and ten children to the Nome King for a long life. Then he regretted his decision and threw himself into the sea.

In the absence of any royal family, Evoldo's niece, Langwidere, took up residence in the royal palace. She spent money from the royal treasury on herself, but did not actually rule the country.

Eventually a contingent from the Land of Oz led by Princess Ozma rescued the royal family from the Nome King and restored them to power. Evoldo's son was crowned King Evardo XV. (Ozma of Oz)

At some point, Tik-Tok encountered a three-legged giant in Ev, a story which he recounted to his friends in the Emerald City. This inspired Sir Hokus of Pokes to plan to go kill that giant. (Kabumpo in Oz)

Red land

In the books of Ruth Plumly Thompson, there is a strong association between Ev and the color red. Ev is the home of Evered, the Scarlet Prince of Rash. (The Hungry Tiger of Oz) The red castle of Jinnicky the Red Jinn is located in Ev. (The Purple Prince of Oz)

Points of Interest

Notable residents of Ev


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