Kuma Party is one of the strange magical beings to be found in the Land of Oz.


He lives in a little yellow house in the Winkie Country, and appears to be a normal human being, a somewhat elderly man with a soft voice and a kindly smile, who enjoys sitting in his armchair smoking a pipe.

Yet he has the remarkable ability to detach parts of his body — his hand, his foot, his head — and send them flying through the air to accomplish tasks. His detached foot can give a kick at a distance, and his hand is very adroit at remote applications.

Kuma is a moral person; when Peter Brown and Ruggedo reach Oz together, Kuma employs his abilities to help the boy and vex the evil gnome. (The Gnome King of Oz)


Kuma Party is the son of Wumbo the Wonder Worker, a wizard of the Zamagoochie Country. Kuma attributes his "strange come-apartishness" to his father's magic.

For Kuma's separable and mobile hand, compare Reachard's similar long-distance manipulations. (Ojo in Oz)

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