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Ku-Klip is a character who is the originally unnamed tinsmith in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz who provided Nick Chopper with tin prostheses when the latter was cursed to dismember himself by the Wicked Witch of the East because of his love for the servant Nimmie Amee. In The Tin Woodman of Oz, we are introduced to a soldier named Captain Fyter, who met with the same fate due to his interest in Nimmie Amee, and Ku-Klip did the same for him.

After the witch was destroyed by Dorothy Gale's house, Ku-Klip entered the witch's house and took some of her magical devices, including a magic glue. He had thrown Chopper and Fyter's discarded body parts into a barrel, and decided to use this glue (mislabeled "Meat Glue" in John R. Neill's illustrations) to assemble the parts from two men into a man called Chopfyt, but he finds he must substitute a tin arm as well. Nimmie Amee marries the assemblage and appears to be quite happy, but Princess Ozma takes the witch's tools away from the smith so that he cannot create any more unnatural beings. Ku-Klip continues to keep Nick Chopper's flesh head, who finds the Tin Woodman's claim to be him ludicrous, in a cabinet. (The Tin Woodman of Oz)

Non-canon works

In How the Wizard Came to Oz (1991) by Donald Abbott, Ku-Klip's reconstruction of Nick Chopper is retold. The character remains unnamed, possibly because The Tin Woodman of Oz was under copyright until 1993. The tinsmith appears to be a caricature of W. W. Denslow.

In the 2013 film Oz the Great and Powerful, the character Master Tinker (Bill Cobbs) may be based on Ku-Klip and/or Mr. Tinker.