Knooks are immortal creatures ruled by a King, under the command of Ak the Master Woodsman.

The duty of the Knooks is to care for the beasts of the world, both gentle and wild. Their laws are obeyed by even the most ferocious animals, and are second only to the laws of the Master Woodsman.

The Knooks generally seem old and worn and crooked, and their natures are a bit rough from continually dealing with wild creatures. Groups of Knooks live in every forest on earth, from Burzee to Ethop, and share a secret sign and signal which entitles the friend of one band of Knooks to ask assistance from any Knook in the world. The band of Knooks who live in Burzee are ruled by the Prince of the Knooks.

The Knooks of Burzee are friends of Santa Claus and built his home in the Laughing Valley of Hohaho. They also keep him well supplied with firewood. Peter the Knook gave him a cat named Blinkie as a friend and companion, and he later became one of his trusted servants. During the battle against the Awgwas' forces, the Knooks were able to stab some Giants of Tartary while the rest of the Giants of Tartary retreated. (The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus)

A dozen Knooks accompanied Santa Claus to Emerald City where they attended Ozma's birthday party. (The Road to Oz)

Known Knooks

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