King Kitticut is the ruler of the island kingdom of Pingaree. He and his wife, Queen Garee, have one son named Inga.


Kitticut has gray hair. He is a wise and good king, and lives contentedly in his fine palace with his small family.


When Kitticut was a boy, Pingaree was invaded by ten boatloads of warriors from the islands of Regos and Coregos. The Pingaree people successfully drove them off, but Kitticut remembered the day well and his constant fear was of another invasion by his enemies. He keeps a sharp lookout for strange boats, with one of his men patrolling the beach constantly.

One day a thick fog covered the island all morning, and it cleared just after noon, revealing hundreds of boats carrying marauders from Regos and Coregos. The invaders captured the king and queen and every other citizen of Pingaree, and took them away in their boats to work as slaves. Only Prince Inga and the visiting King Rinkitink avoided capture. (Rinkitink in Oz)

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