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The King of Mo is the ruler of the Land of Mo where he lives with his Queen and several children, including Prince Zingle, Princess Truella, Prince Jollikin, Prince Thinkabit, Princess Pattycake, and Prince Fiddlecumdoo. His royal chamberlain is Nuphsed, and the Wise Donkey was one of his advisors. His forty-seventh cousin and the queen's great-grandniece, Duchess Bredenbutta, also lives in Mo.


The King is not very tall, nor very short. He is midway between fat and lean. He is jolly when he's not sad, and he is seldom sad when he can be jolly. He has lived as long as the Valley of Mo has existed, and since his birthday is unknown, he celebrates in February, May, October, and whenever else he wants.

The King of Mo carries his temper in his vest pocket, but occasionally it falls out and is lost. When the King loses his temper, he is generally in a bad mood until it can be found again.

The royal treasury contains a Ruby Casket given to the king by the sorceress Maetta. When opened, it reveals something that has never been seen before.


One day the Purple Dragon came down to the palace and ate a patch of chocolate caramels from the royal garden. The King picked a sword from a sword bush and hunted down the Dragon, but succeeded only in getting his head bitten off. A candy head was made as a replacement, and it had a sweet expression, but it melted in a lemonade rainstorm. A head made of dough was next, but it baked in the sun (which made the king light-headed) and it was eaten by birds. The king wore a stiff wooden head for a while, but eventually his own head was returned to him by a wood-chopper. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)