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The King of Bunnybury is a white rabbit who rules the city of Bunnybury.


Like all his subjects, the king has pink eyes and white fur. He wears a gold crown and an ermine robe and has an elaborate wardrobe of lovely clothing.

He lives in a royal palace where his servant Blinkem obeys his every whim. He has a fifty-piece band, a troop of gymnastic dancers called the Royal Band of Whiskered Friskers, a Bodyguard of Royal Pikemen, Royal Jugglers, and the Winsome Waggish Warblers, a quartet of rabbit singers.


He was once a wild rabbit living in the forest, but when Glinda built Bunnybury, the future king joined many others in accepting her invitation to live in the city. He was elected king by his fellow citizens and at first was very happy.

After a while, the king began to feel nostalgic about his life in the forest. Since the laws of Bunnybury forbid resigning, the king fell into despair and wept almost constantly.

When Dorothy Gale visited Bunnybury, she offered to ask Glinda to appoint a new king. This cheered the king considerably, but then he began to realize all the things he would miss. In the end he changed his mind and decided to remain as King of Bunnybury. (The Emerald City of Oz)