King Rinkitink
Title King Rinkitink
Species Human
Residence Rinkitink
Affiliation Self
First Appearance Rinkitink in Oz

King Rinkitink is the ruler of the country that shares his name. He lives in a palace in the capital city of Gilgad.


He is a little man who is so fat that he is almost as broad as he is tall. He is bald, and his face is round and red like an apple.

In personality he is very jovial, and his characteristic laugh can often be heard. His own people don't trust him to represent them publicly and try to keep him from traveling, so he often runs away to have adventures.

He wears a loose silken robe of purple that falls in folds to his feet. Upon his head he often wears a cap of white velvet curiously worked with golden threads and having a circle of diamonds sewn around the band.

Since he is "a trifle stout", Rinkitink prefers riding to walking, so for many years he traveled with a talking goat named Bilbil.


After speaking harshly to his Lord High Chancellor, Rinkitink became sad and regretted having hurt the man's feelings. He locked himself in his rooms to read a parchment entitled "How to Be Good" and issued a decree that no one should bother him. Then Rinkitink escaped out his back door and boarded a boat with twenty rowers and traveled to Pingaree, an island which provided his own kingdom with many beautiful pearls. (Rinkitink in Oz)

Many years later, he visited Oz again to help decorate the palace walls with famous scenes of history. He came riding a surly old goat, and contributed a painting. (Lucky Bucky in Oz)

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