King Midegty is the 8th book

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in the Emerald City series by Sergei Sukhinov. It was published in 2002.


Pakir, furious at the attack launched against him by Magic Land in the previous book, retaliates by closing off all of Munchkin Land with his sinister Infinite Wall and making the ogre Midgety its king. Pakir, outraged at the attempted invasion by the Magic Land forces, causes the impenetrable Infinite Wall to cut off all of Blue Land from the rest of the country, and he makes Midgety its king. After the Ogre installs himself and the Gray Castle in the capital town of Cogida, he orders that the Munchkins destroy all plant life in Blue Land within three months and replace them with Tamiz’s dark-blue flora, even as Darkness begins to pour out of a nearby volcano. Langa brings Tamiz and his new assistant Agnet to Cogida, and imparts a little of her magic to Midgety. In an effort to force the Munchkins to work harder at felling their trees, etc, Midgety and Agnet make an excursion around Blue Land. But his efforts generally misfire, and eventually he calls it a day and returns to Cogida.

Argut, meanwhile, returns home after the defeat at Red Lake, repentant and eager to redeem himself. The two live plants turn up near his castle. Unable to help Shrubsy heal his seriously wounded friend Stumpsy, he takes them to Cogida so that Tamiz can try his hand at curing him. Midgety serves Argut some drugged wine and imprisons him.

Corina, now a mouse, has taken up residence in the castle. With difficulty, she gets it across to Midgety that if he finds a certain ring that she has lost, he’ll be able to restore her to human form. He dupes Shrubsy into taking the mouse to retrieve it, and when they come back, Midgety reneges and imprisons Corina the mouse in a little cage – only to be drugged in turn by the sly Agnet, who grabs the ring.

The defeated invaders make it safely back to Magic Land, and Ellie restores Magdar. Later, in the Emerald City, the friends must decide on how to circumvent the Infinite Wall and rescue the Munchkins. The Woodman, the Lion, and Elg dupe the Infinite Wall and enter Blue Land. Meanwhile, Agnet has proclaimed herself queen of Blue Land and put Midgety in the dungeon. But her reign is a short one. Midgety escapes and, after taking the ring back from Agnet as she sleeps, he flees with Argut. They catch up with the Woodman and his friends just as their pursuers are on them. Both are now firmly on the side of Good, and all of them team up to rout the pursuers. The Woodman goes to fetch Vesa, now a young lovely again thanks to her daughter’s spells, and Midgety uses some magic of his own to cause the volcano to erupt, thereby destroying the Darkness.

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Prequel: Goodwin the Great and Terrible

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