Johnson is a lost novel by L. Frank Baum, dating from 1912. Baum was enthusiastic about this book for the adult audience, and wanted to published it under his own name, rather than pseudonymously or anonymously like his prior adult novels. Publishers Reilly & Britton, however, were less positive about the project, as the surviving correspondence reveals. In a letter dated 19 September 1912, the publisher Sumner Britton informed the author that Cosmopolitan magazine had rejected syndication of the book. Baum asked about the book again on 15 October, but Johnson then drops from the extant correspondence.[1]

In retrospect, Reilly & Britton sometimes seem to have been amazingly casual about Baum's work. Several Baum novels from this period have not survived — Johnson and Our Married Life (both 1912), The Mystery of Bonita (1914), and Molly Oodle (1915). At least two of these, the first named and the last, were apparently in the possession of Reilly & Britton before they vanished into the mists of history.


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