Johnny Dooit

Johnny Dooit

Johnny Dooit
is a little old man who can do anything.


Johnny has gray hair, a broad turned-up nose, and twinkling eyes. His gray whiskers are so long that he has to tie them around his waist. His hands and arms are as hard and tough as leather. His long, leather apron reaches from his chin to his feet, and is soiled and scratched due to much use. He smokes a long pipe and carries a big copper chest with all his tools and equipment.

He works hard and moves so quickly that it's sometimes hard to follow his movements.


Johnny is a friend of the Shaggy Man because of the Love Magnet. He built a sand-boat so that the Shaggy Man, Dorothy Gale, Polychrome, and Button-Bright could cross the Deadly Desert and reach the Land of Oz.

Johnny later attended Ozma's birthday party in the Emerald City. (The Road to Oz)


Johnny Dooit is the protagonist of Chris Dulabone's Do It for Oz, in which he travels from Merryland to the Island of Yew and visits the Sea Fairies too.

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