Jinxland is a remote principality in the Land of Oz.


Jinxland is hidden away in an obscure corner of the Quadling Country, isolated by mountains and gorges from the rest of Oz. Because they are cut off, they are ruled by their own king instead of Princess Ozma.

Jinxland is similar to Oz in climate and culture. It has bits of forest, verdure clothed hills, fields of waving grain, fountains, rivers, and lakes. Pretty houses are scattered throughout the countryside with a few grand castles and palaces. A rosy glow like sunset lights the entire landscape.

The magnificent royal palace is guarded by soldiers dressed in splendid uniforms and armed with swords and lances. The castle has many large rooms, all beautifully furnished, and the passages are winding and handsomely decorated. In the center is an open court surrounded on every side by high turreted walls and containing beds of flowers, fountains, and walks of many colored marble matched together in quaint designs.

The people enjoy music. In celebration of their independence from King Krewl the brass band introduced a new piece of music called the "Ork Trot", which was dedicated to the new ruler, "Our Glorious Gloria, the Queen"

The land even has a witch named Blinkie.


Some years ago, King Kynd fell into the Great Gulf that separates Jinxland from the Land of Oz and has not been seen since. His former prime minister took his place as King Phearse, but he in turn was overthrown by his prime minister, who became King Krewl. Because Krewl was a wicked king and mistreated visitors to his kingdom, Glinda sent the Scarecrow to help.

Krewl was deposed by the Scarecrow with the help of a flock of Orks. Gloria, the daughter of King Kynd, was made queen. She took Pon, the son of King Phearse, as her consort. (The Scarecrow of Oz)


Jinxland is mentioned by Tin Boy in The Oz Kids episode, The Monkey Prince.

Jinxland gets a mention in The Chronicles of Oz as a place the witch Mombi considers fleeing to with Tip in order to lay low for a while.

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