Jack Pumpkinhead 3

Jack Pumpkinhead's home by John R. Neill.

Jack Pumpkinhead's House is a hollowed out pumpkin which serves as the residence of Jack Pumpkinhead.

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A miniture replica of Jack Pumpkinhead's house.

Jack's house is located in the Gillikin Country near the Tin Woodman's castle and a day's journey from the Emerald City. It is in the center of a vast pumpkin field where the vines grow in profusion and bear pumpkins of extraordinary size, as well as those of a more normal size. Jack also grows other vegetables as well. 

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Jack Pumpkinhead's home.

The home was made by Jack himself, hollowed out with a door and several windows cut into the rind. A stovepipe runs through the stem, and six (some sources say three) steps lead up to the front door. Inside is a good floor with some comfortable furniture. (The Road to Oz)

Someday Jack intends to add another pumpkin to his mansion.(The Patchwork Girl of Oz)


Jack Pumpkinhead outside his home in Dorothy in the Land of Oz.

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