Inga in a tree, reading.

Title Prince of Pingaree
Residence Pingaree
Affiliation King Kitticut
First Appearance Rinkitink in Oz

Inga is the crown prince of the island of Pingaree, the son of King Kitticut and Queen Garee.


Inga is the heir to all the riches and kingship of Pingaree, and grew up surrounded by every luxury. He is a manly little fellow, although somewhat too grave and thoughtful. He can never bear to be idle a single minute. He is not, however, a molly-coddle or a prig; his station and surroundings separate him from the other boys his age.

He has a little boat and a rake for dragging up oysters. He knows where the finest oysters lay hidden along the coast of Pingaree, and is very proud when he can carry a big white pearl to his father.

Although there is no school on Pingaree, King Kitticut is a man of intelligence and was able to teach his son something of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Inga enjoys studying in the grove near his father's palace, where he has built a platform with a comfortable seat among the branches of a tall tree.

At a young age, Inga showed good judgment and was taken into his father's confidence in many matters of state. He learned the needs of his people and how to rule them justly.


One day, while Inga sat reading high in a tree, marauders from Regos and Coregos invaded the island. Knowing he would be captured if he left the safety of his tree, Inga watched helplessly as his parents were imprisoned and loaded aboard the invaders' boats, along with every other citizen of Pingaree. The attackers then looted the island and destroyed the buildings, including the marble palace.

With the aid of three Magic Pearls, Inga rescued his parents and freed his conquered people. (Rinkitink in Oz)


Prince Inga returns to play an important role in Sherwood Smith's Trouble Under Oz.

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