Ted Ross emerges from the statue

"I'm A Mean Ole Lion" was a song for The Wiz both the musical and the film. In both productions, the song was sung by Ted Ross and was written by Charlie Smalls. The song was a replacement of " If I Only Had The Nerve". In the play the song was intitled " Mean Ole Lion".

 I'm A Mean Ole Lion lyrics

Say what you wanna
But I'm here to stay

'Cause I'm a mean ole lion
You can go where you're gonna
But don't get in my way
I'm a mean ole lion
You'll be standing in a draft
If you don't hear me laugh
And if you happen to come around
Well, you best not make me frown
For I just might knock you down
I'm a mean ole lion
You know I'm ready to fight
And turn your day into night
'Cause I'm a mean ole lion
If you're half bright
You'll detour to the right
From a mean ole lion
All you strangers better beware
This is the king of the jungle here
And if I happen to let you slide
Don't just stand here
Run and hide
You just caught my better side
I'm a mean ole lion


  • In the film the lion repeats the verse " You better beware-----I'm a mean ole Lion " near the end of the song.
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