Hammer Time is a season two episode of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz Season Two Episodes

1a. The Wizard Returns 1b. The Wizard Pays a Visit 2a. Escape from the Crystal Ball 2b. The Return of the Wicked Witch 3a. Three Friends and a Magic Crystal 3b. Toto Transformed 4a. Scarecrow Knows Best 4b. General Jinjur 5a. Where-Helmina's My Broom?! 5b. Yellow Brick Road Race 6a. Don't Follow the Yellow Brick Road 6b. The Tallest Munchkin 7a. Scarecrow Goes to College 7b. Welcome to Oz Mitch 8a. Wheeling Tin Man 8b. Home Away from Home 9a. The Vault Heist 9b. Witch One's the Boss?! 10a. Wingmen No More 10b. Hammer Time 11a. Jest Kidding 11b. Sisterhood of the Witch 12a. The Old Classic 12b. Too Predictable 13a. Oztember Surprise 13b. Sir Hokus of Pokes 14a. The Nice Witch 14b. Scoodlers 15a. Emerald Thumb 15b. The Witch Hunter 16a. The Tin Giant 16b. Dorothy's Detective Agency 17a. Kingdom of Dreams 17b. Ozmosis 18a. Lion and the Crown 18b. Munchkin School 19a. Welcome to the Bungle 19b. The Mouse that Roared 20a. Special Delivery 20b. Broomstormers! 21a. Prisoner Under the Rainbow 21b. The Lost Appetite 22a. Chasing Rainbows 22b. The Wicked Wand 23a. Ojo’s Treasure Hunt 23b. Return of Pumpkinhead 24. Christmas in Oz 25a. Doozy Of a Woozy 25b. The Wizard Gets Witched 26a. Toto a Go! Go! 26b. Captain Bill in Going Nowhere Fast

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