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Gwig was a Mangaboo sorcerer who lived in the Land of the Mangaboos.


Gwig looked much like the other Mangaboos, except that his clothes were bright yellow, and he had sharp thorns growing all over his body instead of hair.

He lived in a magnificent glass palace with a central dome and four tall spires. Its lofty main hall, where Gwig accepted visitors, was very beautiful.


Gwig was known among his people as a wonderful sorcerer, although he often made mistakes. When the Wizard of Oz arrived in the Land of the Mangaboos, the two magicians sqared off to see which was the most powerful. While Gwig was trying to stop the Wizard's breath, Oz put together a sharp sword and sliced the Mangaboo Sorcerer in half. His two halves were quickly planted in the public gardens. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)

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