Guph is a Nome and the General of the Nome Army.


General Guph is an old Nome. He ties his white whiskers around his waist to keep from tripping on them. He is wise and when he was first promoted to General, he knew that the best way to get along with the Nome King was to show that he was not afraid of him.

He hates good people, detests happy people, and is opposed to anyone who is contented and prosperous.


Guph volunteered to serve as General of the Nome Army after his predecessors, Blug and Crinkle, were disposed of for disagreeing with the Nome King's plans to conquer the Land of Oz. Guph's plan was to enlist the aid of some wicked allies to assist in the conquest of Oz, so he visited the Whimsies, Growleywogs, and Phanfasms and convinced each group to help in the Nomes' conquest of Oz. His plan ultimately failed. (The Emerald City of Oz)

When Ruggedo was deposed as king of the Nomes, his chamberlain Kaliko was made king in his place. Kaliko in turn appointed Guph to be the new Chamberlain, and Guph was glad to be rid of such a hard master as Ruggedo. (Tik-Tok of Oz)

In Scott Dickerson's Ruggedo in Oz, Guph was replaced as chamberlain by Klik.

In Other Media

In "Lost in Oz", Guph appears, leading the Nomes in their scheme to steal the magic from Oz. He captures & interrogates the Scarecrow, torturing him by making him listen to annoying pop songs.

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